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Do I hook you guys up, or do I hook you guys up? I know one of the biggest pains in the neck when you’re just starting out as a blogger just happens to be the look of your blog. At the beginning, not everyone can be as self-design-crazy as I am, and wordpress themes can be a headache you don’t need. Well, you’re in luck if you want a widget-ready wordpress design for you blog but you don’t have the time to make it, or the money to hire a designer – try Top WP Themes! They’ve got tons of styles to choose from that they obviously put a lot of time and effort into a product that you’re getting for free, and free is the best price ever!

Concert Wah

Ugh, now I wish I lived closer to, well, anywhere that I could catch a concert. I never have the money, and honestly I don’t have the transportation anyway. But there are so many great acts touring in the U.S. right now, and I’ve been hearing about Debbie Harry, Madonna and Bonnie Hayes making the rounds, plus my one true love, which would be Gogol Bordello.

Gogol came through KC, I think it was, last year and Laota and I kicked ourselves for not being able to attend. We couldn’t get tickets, anyway, and then I found out that a friend had to give her tickets away due to a time situation. It’s too bad she didn’t know about Free Ticket Exchange, it’s pretty radical. It’s a free service, you can either sell your tickets that you don’t want, or find some to buy and FTE doesn’t charge you a fee to do so. Absolutely no fees, how cool! The site’s so cool looking, and it loads fast so that alone would make me encourage people to try it out, oh yeah and the no fees thing, lol.

As you can likely tell, I’m all about freebies. I’m a freebie nut, and my favorite freebies ( with the exception of free samples ) are free services, 100% free services. Tell you’re not going to go visit FTE. I know you are. Just go, you know you want to.

Freebie News: It Pays to Green

Well, more freebie news! Free iPhones are now available even free-er because anyone who signs up under you in May and greens will get you a cash out! Yes, you only need ONE referral for everything from Apple iPhones, LG Chocolates, paypal cash and laptops! Check it out!

As it turns out, you can actually find people who will PAY YOU TO GREEN ON FREEBIE SITES! I’ve just been paid $20 up front to green on a site, and as soon as I green I get another $20 – and it’s a gift card site so I can actually do this, make money then be halfway to getting even MORE money without spending a penny – how cool!

LG Chocolate and iPod Touch Promotions

As you’ve likely noticed, Beautiful Sin is becoming a full-time freebie site of sorts, meaning I still rant here but the freebies section has grown as well as freebies like free iPods, iPhones, MacBooks and Shoes – well, I’ve also started giving out incentives for anyone who signs up under me and completes an offer on every freebie I’m working towards that involves paypal cash – if you contact me first, tell me which of my freebies you’re interested in I’ll tell you if I’m going for the cash and I’ll be happy to pay you $5 to complete an offer, like the 99 cent trial for eMusic!

For freebies that I’m NOT going out for cash on, though, I’ll be happy to pimp your link up on my Exposure list and even sign up under you and complete an offer for a freebie site provided I haven’t signed up yet, and it’s legit ( and yes I will be checking! ) and not a scam.

There’s a great freebie promo right now, though – just 1 credit to complete, and only ONE referral if that referral signs up in April! You still have a few days to get your Free LG Chocolate Phone or your brand new iPod Touch for only ONE REFERRAL! Please send me your links if you sign up so that I can put you up on my Exposure List! If you’d like to trade referrals ( only those who’ll trade a completed offer for a completed offer! ) also email me and let me know!

Free iPods? iPhones?

As I’m sure you can see, I’ve started collecting ‘freebies’ links on my sidebar *points to sidebar* because I thought it may be fun, and more importantly I love freebies. What I’ve done is I’ve gone around to every ‘freebie’ community I could find and found, specifically, all of the really stellar, very expensive ‘freebies’ with the following requirements.

Freebies Must:
1. Require 2 or less offers to be fullfilled, 1 is preferable.
2. Be from a company known far and wide for actually sending out freebies or paying their cash out. Proof was ALWAYS checked for, personally, by me.
3. Have the best, most expensive and high quality freebies available.
4. Last, but not least, have the easiest to complete offers.

I suggest going with the eMusic trial – it’s only 99 cents, you get 70 MP3’s ( which you get to keep ) and you pay nothing more if you cancel within a month! Then you just need your referrals, and if everyone who goes to your site is let in on the eMusic deal ( and how cheap it is ), imagine how many referrals you’ll get by passing on the eMusic tip!

Plus a few of these can bypass offers for surveys – oh yes, you can complete free surveys instead of singing up for sponsored offers, then all you need are referrals!

Scared of using your credit card? Rather use PayPal? Apply for the PayPal debit card, you can restrain it from using ANY back-up funding. The point of this is that, if you accidentally get scammed ( doubt you will, but better safe than sorry! ) you can take it up with PayPal and not have to worry about it, plus the scammer couldn’t take a dime out of your bank account or off of your credit card! You can also use PayPal’s virtual debit card, check out PayPal for details!

Win an Xbox 360!

I’ve never heard of the MAXXED Energy Pop, honestly, but I’m a big fan of all things soda pop, and let’s be honest about who could use more energy, lol.

You can check it out, actually, at MAXXED’s website where you can grab the MAXXED Energy Pop “Make My Energy Pop” widget for Facebook, your blog or MySpace or Enter To Win an Xbox 360!