Fashion Goddesss: Kelly Osbourne

75x75You know who I love? I *love* Kelly Osbourne. I think she’s got a fantastic sense of personal style, she wears what she wants when she wants to wear it and she doesn’t let the Fashionistas ( Decoded: Fashionistas are people who stay on the cutting edge of fashion by doing what *everyone else* is doing then declaring it ‘in style’ ) tell her how she should dress, and she doesn’t care what you think. She always looks great and she’s got such attitude – to quote Molly Ringwald, “She’s got such great style.” – granted, she was talking about Madonna but Kelly’s as close right now as we’ll get to 80s Madonna other than Madonna herself.

I think I really admire Kelly’s sense of style because it’s nice to see someone in the public eye who seems to feel the way I do – that fashion is subjective and that, if it isn’t fun and doesn’t reflect who you are then it isn’t worth doing at all. You may as well walk through life in jeans and a tshirt if you’re going to follow the crowd!

If you’re a big fashion hound, and I know you are, you should check out the Dockers Commercial Contest over at – maybe even talk about Kelly or Madonna? Both of whom are major style icons, I don’t care who you are or where you come from, you just have to bow down to those two – they’ve just got ‘it’, don’t they? Anyway, Dockers contest is available to everyone ( read the TOS! ), and it sounds like a hoot and a half. Fashin + Contesnt always = good times, eh? I wish my digital camera were working so I could sign up, too!

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Find Your Look

Okay, Rabid Readers, you caught me – I’m a fashion nut. I’m no Fashionista, but I have my own style and I’ve been known to beat trends to the runway ( leg warmers, 80s fashion, plastic jewelry, suspenders, newsboy chic ) though I do tend to drop a look once it’s become trendy and adopt a new one that I don’t think will ever catch on – like my Japanese loose socks.

Currently, in fact, I’m a big fan of the maxi dress over mini dresses no matter what the current trends tell me, but if you’re looking to grab something trendy, cute and affordable – and more importantly, in your size(!) – you can find something you’ll adore at OhSoChicBoutique.

I’ve fallen in love with a lot of their clothes and, while the Trendy section doesn’t have a lot of variety ( which is sad because it’s my favorite section ), the rest of the website does and they’ve got some fabulous pieces. I’ve already found some things I want to buy, like the gorgeous duo tone Sweet Lady in black and white that comes in size 18/20 which is about where I am right now, and the red, vibrant Delish with it’s gorgeous detailing and cap sleeves that you know I love considering I’ve more than once rambled on about them, lol. And if you’re looking to save some bread, partake in OSCB’s Spring Event and save 15% on your order plus FREE SHIPPING if you use the promo code SPringFling at checkout.