DNS Fixed and Fansite Design

Whoo doggies! Finally, dude, finally stupid, frigging, troublesome Shia LaBeouf Online is working again, I can see it and login and my scans are up ( of course now I want to buy more magazines, though my no money keeps me from doing so, lol. ).

We’re trying to get Poison Apples Designs up and running again and we’re making cheaper, more elaborate layouts to fuel our want of magazines to scan, DVDs to screencap and domain registrations/renewals as well as advertising. Basicaly we’re now making designs that are fully compatible with the new ads over at Fan-sites.org, so if you’re hosted there and you want a layout that behaves ( lol ) with the new ads, then you can either trade us original magazine scans, dvd screencaptures or pay us so we can run to ebay and blow it on magazines and you’ll get a fully coded layout out of it built specifically to work around the new celebbuzz ads. :)