Reach For The Stars

Ack, I used to do this forever ago! Of course I didn’t do it this way – agent, cattle calls, etc. etc. – but if you’re in the market to make some good money, then you definately want to try your hand at extra work. You’re looking at at least $100 per day, upwards of $300 if you go with Talent6.

I’ve been out of the business so long, let me tell you. The last film I extra’d for was The Sandlot in 1992, which was a piece of crap with no budget that was filmed mostly in Utah (thank the Gods for that, because I happened to live in Utah at the time and it bought me my back to school clothes!). What I wouldn’t give to get into extra work again. Generally, you’re just filling a scene with realistic background movement – people walking, having conversations, jogging, you name it. Not a bad way to make $250 a day, huh?

If you’re up for it, call Talent6 (800-493-9047) and see how far you can go. You n ever know, this toll free call to a portfolio manager might be the start of a brand new career? Won’t know until you call, and since background work is 100% on the up and up you don’t have to worry about having to pay anything up front – I know it sounds too good to be true, but take it from someone who’s been there, it’s true. And a lot of times, though they have long hours, you can have some real fun doing it!