eBay Frightens Me

I’ve heard about a *lot* of things sold on eBay, weird things – illegal and scary things. I’ve heard of someone trying to sell human kidneys ( or was it a liver? ) and how it got bid up into the thousands of dollars. I’d heard about a guy selling his virginity, also getting quite a bit of money for it. Someone sold a piece of toast with the Virgin Mary burnt into it, yet another person sold a book with a fly in it that was squished in the 1800s and even weirder was the selling of ad space on the back of someone’s head via perminant ink tattoo. Yeah, eBay can be a scary and interesting place, lol.

I’ve never sold something weird, really. I’ve sold clothes, CDs, DVDs and even digital products like website templates. In fact, the one item I’ve ever gotten a decent price for on eBay was a web template made in table-less CSS with multiple columns and rows – I thought it turned out very nicely, and for something that took me 15 minutes to build ( with the help of 1 free stock photo, thanks to Raymond ), it sold on eBay for over $30 in an auction that started at $0.99 – neat!

One of the nice things about digital downloads is that you don’t have to store or ship them like you do with physical goods, and because I don’t live near an iSold It store ( because my town’s about the size of an ant’s buttcrack ), I don’t really have the time or space to store and package these goods. I’d rather just drop them off at iSold It and have them sell it for me, but I don’t have that luxury – yet!

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