Discounted Luxury Watches

I’m basically poor – dirt poor, actually – and, to be perfectly and completely honest I’ve never really been able to afford designer anything. No brand new designer sunglasses, no luxury watches, or even slighly expensive shoes ( I refuse to pay $20 or more for shoes that aren’t Onitsuka Tigers! ), and I’ve always kind of envied the people who could afford $800 or more for a watch, especially gorgeous Concord watches that you see over at TheWatchery.

Personally, I could never afford even the most discounted watch, but TheWatchery’s discounts are marked down by literally hundreds of dollars, and while just anyone can’t afford them if you’re in the market for, say, a Corum Bubble then this is your place. In fact, I think the Corum Bubble is probably my favorite watch on the site, which has a huge selection of watches, many as much as 80% off of retail prices which is nice considering I don’t plan on spending $3000 for a watch anytime soon, lol. The best part is that you get a free watch with *almost* every purchase, and you can’t beat free – you’re basically getting two brand new luxury watches for less than half the price of one!