Concert Wah

Ugh, now I wish I lived closer to, well, anywhere that I could catch a concert. I never have the money, and honestly I don’t have the transportation anyway. But there are so many great acts touring in the U.S. right now, and I’ve been hearing about Debbie Harry, Madonna and Bonnie Hayes making the rounds, plus my one true love, which would be Gogol Bordello.

Gogol came through KC, I think it was, last year and Laota and I kicked ourselves for not being able to attend. We couldn’t get tickets, anyway, and then I found out that a friend had to give her tickets away due to a time situation. It’s too bad she didn’t know about Free Ticket Exchange, it’s pretty radical. It’s a free service, you can either sell your tickets that you don’t want, or find some to buy and FTE doesn’t charge you a fee to do so. Absolutely no fees, how cool! The site’s so cool looking, and it loads fast so that alone would make me encourage people to try it out, oh yeah and the no fees thing, lol.

As you can likely tell, I’m all about freebies. I’m a freebie nut, and my favorite freebies ( with the exception of free samples ) are free services, 100% free services. Tell you’re not going to go visit FTE. I know you are. Just go, you know you want to.