Adorable Clothes

Well, apparently it’s time to try and trick me out of my hard earned money with gorgeous and cheap junior clothing. You know Heavenly Couture does this to me a lot, so much in fact that I feel like they may be stalking me to try and find out what I like, then they put it on their site and try to trap me! Because they know I’m weak, lmao.

I know I get a bit of flack for my love of cheap clothing, but I really don’t have a lot of money and everything being $17.95 or less plus cute as hell is exactly why I love them so much. They remind me of back in the day when I had a little spending money, lol, because the clothes aren’t cheaply made – just cheap for me to buy, which I like on account of how I’m cheap. I’ve already got a few favorites to show off here, if you don’t believe me that this store rocks my face off. They even have a Daily Special garment for $9.99, how cool is that?

Free Hat!

I’ve talked about L.A. Police Gear before, mostly because of their insanely cool and cheap selection of boots, but I thought I’d write a little about their Blackhawk holsters because right now whenever you buy a Blackhawk SERPA Tactical Holster for $89.99 ( cheap! ), you get a free LAPG baseball hat! How cool is that?

I didn’t even know they sold that kind of thing, I knew about their police gear, of course, but it looks like they’ve got quite a bit of equiptment for the armed forces and government, too, and it’s cool for someone like me who’s a civilian to be able to get a good look at some of this stuff. Very interested! I wish I knew more about it!

Fashion Goddesss: Kelly Osbourne

75x75You know who I love? I *love* Kelly Osbourne. I think she’s got a fantastic sense of personal style, she wears what she wants when she wants to wear it and she doesn’t let the Fashionistas ( Decoded: Fashionistas are people who stay on the cutting edge of fashion by doing what *everyone else* is doing then declaring it ‘in style’ ) tell her how she should dress, and she doesn’t care what you think. She always looks great and she’s got such attitude – to quote Molly Ringwald, “She’s got such great style.” – granted, she was talking about Madonna but Kelly’s as close right now as we’ll get to 80s Madonna other than Madonna herself.

I think I really admire Kelly’s sense of style because it’s nice to see someone in the public eye who seems to feel the way I do – that fashion is subjective and that, if it isn’t fun and doesn’t reflect who you are then it isn’t worth doing at all. You may as well walk through life in jeans and a tshirt if you’re going to follow the crowd!

If you’re a big fashion hound, and I know you are, you should check out the Dockers Commercial Contest over at – maybe even talk about Kelly or Madonna? Both of whom are major style icons, I don’t care who you are or where you come from, you just have to bow down to those two – they’ve just got ‘it’, don’t they? Anyway, Dockers contest is available to everyone ( read the TOS! ), and it sounds like a hoot and a half. Fashin + Contesnt always = good times, eh? I wish my digital camera were working so I could sign up, too!

Sponsored by Dockers

Gorgeous Shoes

Ahhh, kawaii! Now I have to have Mooz! Okay, Mooz are shoes, lol. Stupid Inifinity Shoes, why must you tempt me with your gorgemous minnetonka boots and tsubo shoes? I’m a big maryjane fan but I know Laota would just go nutso for the fabulous Foxy Mama’s in black, she’s a t-strap fanatic and has been for far over a decade. Plus t-straps are so adorable, and you can go cutesy, classy or rocker chick with them – in fact, I’ve got a pair of Lucky 13’s with a four inch heel and double t-strap maryjane going on that I’ve only ever worn once, but I just absolutely adore them.

The sheer variety of shoes over at Infinity Shoes is amazing, some of these shoes are ‘outdated chic’ which means they have a great, edgy and retro look to them that I just adore, and many are shoes I’ve loved and haven’t been able to find for sale since I live in the middle of nowhere. The seychelles shoes are my favorite, I could live on the Bachelorette’s without food or water for the rest of my natural born life, lmao. I’m in love with the Mooz, though, most of all – I’ve decided I can’t live without them to the point where I think I may actually fight you for them. :P

Police Gear and Stellar Boots

Ooh, police gear website – with neat things for me to buy! Okay, okay, so I’m not so much into the BDU pants ( even if $15 IS a fabulous price ), but the shoes – the boots, to be more precise – are to die for!

I’ve always been a out of the closet combat boot fan, and I’m just an all around boot fanatic these days, and L.A. Police Gear’s got a great selection of Converse, and you know how I love Converse!

Cheer On!

Movies_squad81_300x206cCompany 81 loves every guy I’ve ever known, and I’ll tell you why – Cheerleaders! I’m not a huge fan of their clothing ( it’s nice, but not my style ) since all of my friends and I are a weird, retro rockabilly weirdos, drag queens or goths ( yes, seriously ) but if you *are* into their clothes you can actually enter to win a brand new summer wardrobe which will be delivered to you by – oh yes – the Cheerleaders!You’ll know when you’ve been hit by this hot cheery bunch, how could you not? And if you’re bored you can send your friends a virtual cheer, how cool is that!?


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