Adorable Clothes

Well, apparently it’s time to try and trick me out of my hard earned money with gorgeous and cheap junior clothing. You know Heavenly Couture does this to me a lot, so much in fact that I feel like they may be stalking me to try and find out what I like, then they put it on their site and try to trap me! Because they know I’m weak, lmao.

I know I get a bit of flack for my love of cheap clothing, but I really don’t have a lot of money and everything being $17.95 or less plus cute as hell is exactly why I love them so much. They remind me of back in the day when I had a little spending money, lol, because the clothes aren’t cheaply made – just cheap for me to buy, which I like on account of how I’m cheap. I’ve already got a few favorites to show off here, if you don’t believe me that this store rocks my face off. They even have a Daily Special garment for $9.99, how cool is that?