Holiday Cards

If you’re like me, even though Halloween is the next great big holiday that’s coming up, you’re also probably already looking into menus, gifts, decorations and cards for the major holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. and honestly I don’t see how the holiday season gets here faster every single year. It’s sneaking up on me!

But anyway, to my point, one of the nifty things you could send out this year is your very own, personal, customized holiday cards from

VistaPrint is one of my all time favorite websites. I’ve been going there for years, and they always have a huge selection and amazing variety of products for you to customize for your family, business, school or church. They go above and beyond to make their web store easy to use, this I know from personal experience, and they have FREE products now and then like rubber stamps, car magnets, calendars and business cards. It’s almost silly not to go and check them out, you could have your family sitting pretty on a customized Christmas card in no time – and without breaking the bank.

I think I’m going to get my New Years cards there, I’d love to do a few sketches, scan them and see if I can’t get some adorable cards out of them. :)