A Unique Holiday Gift

It’s almost holiday time again, which means I have to start thinking of presents for my fun, silly, work oriented gear-head friends and I think I already have the perfect present for Nan. She’s just getting into PayPerPost and other sponsored coasting but I want to give her something that will make it easier for her to type even with her arthrisis. I think I’m going to choose Dragon. It’s very cool, basically it’s a tool to help you blog super quickly because you can effectively type at 150 WPM for $99!

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Standard

Drew of the BenSpark has put together a great little video demonstrating Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Drew has been blogging for quite some time and he might just be one of the best mobile bloggers that I know. He is probably more famous for his picture a day work as he is an excellent photographer. But I can’t help be amazed at how much content he creates and the high level of quality in that content.

He’s definitely a blogger that employs best practices when he finds them. And based on this video, it looks like he might see some potential in Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Now I am not trying to put an endorsement in Drew’s mouth. Time will tell, but I do think he is off to an excellent start.

You’ll notice in his video, that the sound quality of his video is excellent. That’s actually an important aspect for Dragon NaturallySpeaking. I don’t mean that you need good video quality or sound quality in a video to make Dragon NaturallySpeaking work. However you do need a good microphone, and it should be a noise canceling microphone at that. The better the sound quality, and the better able your microphone is to remove other background noises, the better your system will be able to recognize the words that you say as fast as you say them and transcribe them accurately.

Now Dragon NaturallySpeaking comes with a noise cancellation microphone that works very well when you buy it out of the box. Drew is working with a download version that does not come with a microphone, and so he had to supply his own.

As I write this article, I am using a wireless headset microphone from Logitech. I’ve been using Dragon NaturallySpeaking for almost two years now, but I’ve just recently untethered myself from Dragon NaturallySpeaking and started using a wireless headset microphone with noise cancellation capabilities. Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 does have the capability of working with Bluetooth wireless microphones, but my particular microphone runs on 2.4 GHz wireless technology. Now if you live in a household or work in an office environment where there are a number of systems or phones or microwaves, you may experience some interference with this particular headset. In that case, you will probably be better served with either a Bluetooth headset or a headset that is capable of being plugged directly into your computer through the microphone plug or through USB. I don’t have that issue, and so I do get excellent quality with little to no interference at all.

So if you take an interest in Dragon NaturallySpeaking and want to try it for yourself, I highly recommend that you get a boxed version of the software which you can order from Nuance online. You can even get a good deal on a Bluetooth wireless headset and a bundled option from Nuance. If you’re looking for entry level pricing, you can start using the software and get a headset microphone for as little as $99.

To put that in context, I’ve taken three typing classes over the years to boost my typing speed and spent essentially three semesters practicing at typing. It wasn’t the only thing that I studied, but I spent a lot of time building up my typing skill. With Dragon NaturallySpeaking, you can invest $99, invest an hour installing the software (I’m being very conservative with that time estimate) and as little as 10 minutes training the software to recognize your voice before you can be off and running typing at 150 words per minute!

That is pretty amazing, and well worth the value of $99. Not to mention if you spend a little extra and get a wireless headset microphone, you can pace around your room or your office, you can exercise, or do a number of different things other than sit at a computer desk staring at your computer all day long. :-) $99 basically gives you your freedom.

Best regards,
Brett Bumeter

My name is Brett Bumeter, and I wrote the article above and 4 1/2 minutes. The article is about 659 words long, and that translates into 144 words per minute. Add in two minutes for editing, and that’s still 100 words per minute!

Selena Gomez – Who Are You?

Can somebody tell me something? Can somebody tell me why the hell people insist on asking Selena Gomez her opinion of every damn thing ever? Who cares what she thinks of Miley Freaking Cyrus or her older boyfriend, and why am I getting emailed by Us Magazine about it every fucking day? Hello? I did *not* sign up for that stupid mailing list, and I’ve tried thrice ( three times for those of you who don’t speak Faith, lol ) to get off the list but they’re not having any of it as it turns out.

Every other thing I ever hear is about that chick these days. Who the hell is she? Who’s Nick Jonas? Do you know, out of everyone they mention during all their rantings about her the only person’s name I recognize is Shia LaBeouf? Like, they’re trying to nail her on dating this Nick, and she’s doing it but she doesn’t want to admit it. How do I know? Because whenever they say “Nick Jonas” to her, she says “Shia LaBeouf” – every single time if you can believe the media. First off, who cares about her? She’s VERY pretty, I agree! But what does she even do? Sing? Act? Who the hell is she?

Secondly, and more importantly, if you ever want to find out if your friend likes some guy and she doesn’t want to admit it, ask her directly. If she says “You know who’s hot? That Dave from Pop Copy.” you’ve nailed her, lol. At least she’s talking about LaBeouf – anything to get him in the news I for something other than the pick up crash situation, eh?

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Footlight Parade – Love it, Sorta.

One of the greatest films ever shown, has everyone and everything in it, including Jimmy Cagney. The movie is FOOTLIGHT PARADE, one of my all-time favorite movies. In fact, it’s such a favorite that I know most of it by heart – though I just rented the DVD and found out how much they really cut out of this film.

Apparently you can’t show blantant racism in the form of the ever popular “Blackface Number” on television anymore, which is a shame because we could all use a little retardation in our lives, lol. SO many films during the War were like this, one of the most infamous being Holiday Inn. I realize they weren’t meant that way, people thought it was witty and progressive. Charming, even. That’s some crazy crap, dude, Holiday Inn is seen as some big family film! I wonder what AAAABRAHAM would say about this?


Let Dragon Work For You

Holy Loki, son of Odin, this is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long, long time! I’ve got issues reading because of my eyes, so I have a software that reads text files to me and because of that I’m familiar with reading software but I’ve never heard of a software that will actually type for you – until now! I can’t wait to be able to try out Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Preferred or Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Standardbecause with my arthritis being as bad as it is, I’d love to be able to say what I need to say and get my blog onto the page without having to kill my hands to do it. Basically, with Dragon all I’d have to do is talk – how cool is that?

If you have a minute and want to see for yourself, you can either check out the NY Times Review of DNS10 and find out what NY Times had to say about Dragon, or you can poke around in this blog post and check out my lovlies, aka the videos embedded here to help you out. Hopefully it will better illustrate what Dragon does, and how it can help you with your typing and blogging.

Personally, I’m excited over the concept of being able to type at up to 150 words per minute without errors and without hurting my hands and wrists and getting tired over something that should be simple and enjoyable, like blogging. In fact my joints were screwed up as bad as they are now by my constant typing over the course of 15 years, so this would be perfect for me!

Going Non Verbal

You know, I’ve seen other people try and give eachother a ‘look’ to hook a potential date, something sultry and sexy or perky and creepy, and I’ve found that the best way to get yourself some Victory Hair is to be in your own little world. Seriously, you’d be surprised how many times I’ve been hit on just doing my own thing, not even realizing that the guy or girl was around. I don’t know if it’s because I looked easy to confuse (lol) or because confidence is sexy, or because the women in my family are cursed with enormous juggs, but somehow I’ve never really had to be the one to initiate.

So, I’m no queen of the pick up line, and while I’ll never be the champ of the outrageously fun Ultimate Flirting Championship
Extreme Style by VO5 (seriously, you need to go play that game – make time, I’ll wait.), I’ve had my share of what can only politely be called romance, lol. Which is a feat in itself because, honestly, I’m not particularly good looking – or, you know, good looking at all – but I suppose there’s no accounting for taste? I guess there are more breast men in the world than I’d thought, lol.

The Misadventures of Flapmouse

So, mouse in the house. This is the issue I’ve got with living so close to a barn, we’ve never had mouse issues until we moved out here and now they’re friggin’ everywhere.

So, now I’ve got to go through the tried and true mouse catcher dance of glue traps and reeses peanut butter cups to get ahold of the bastard and get him out of the house. He’s so damn cute, and not stealthy at all, lol. He’s making a racket ever since he moved in this morning, and we keep seeing him because he doesn’t seem to realize that he should be afraid of people, lol. Just adorable, but he’s gotta go dude.

Sally’s Song Revisited

Well, I’ve actually been turned on to a cover song that I actually like – and yes, this is from the same woman who swore she’d kill Joss Stone for covering “Fell In Love With A Girl” and plans to make good on that threat some day. But this song is different, this song is moody and gothy and very, very late 90s me. It sounds, for you Buffy fans, like something you might hear at The Bronze in season 2 – and what’s this song? It’s “Sally’s Song” from The Nightmare Before Christmas, expertly and heartbreakingly covered by the amazing Fiona Apple.

It inspires me, and I rarely get inspired by music these days, especially since most music consists of Disney Channel rejects claiming to have intact cherries and messy hair, when in reality neither of those things are real and/or intact. I miss the days before Avril was considered ‘punk’ and before Britney was a sparkle in Michael Eisner’s eye. Someone give me back my The Verve, please. The Cranberries, anyone? Nickel? Third Eye Blind? Cibo Matto? Anyone? You suck.

You had me at hello

Okay, I’ve talked at length about the ridiculously awesome Ultimate Flirting Championship brought to us by our lovely friends at Extreme Style by VO5, and I’m sure I will again because I got to play the game (finally!) and I’ve found out something about myself – I suck!

No, there will be no Victory Hair for Faith because Faith can’t lay on a pick up line to save her life, lmao. I think it’s because I was always super blunt about these things and I never really needed pick up lines – plus they’re kind of cheesy and I don’t forsee them working on anyone with half a brain.

For instance – what are the greatest smoothie lines in the history of Hollywood? Cheesy! “You had me at hello” might be the worst, but I think the absolute best smoothie line of them all was Mae West’s, “Why don’t you come up, sometime, and see me?” famously twisted into, “Come up and see me sometime.” by every Tom, Dick and Harry in the business.

Sure, Hollywood’s got in a few good jabs, like “Here’s lookin’ at you, Kid.”, “How do you say, I wish I were my brother?” ( both rattled off by the often under sung, still awfully sexy, late, great Humphrey Bogart ) and new classics like, “How about a little blow job for good luck?” ( Jay Derris – Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back ), or my favorite, “It’s just skin.” ( Faith Lehane – Buffy the Vampire Slayer ). So yes, a few good jabs. But do they really work? If they work on you, I pity you, although who’s to say if they’d work on me if Bogart were to say them? Hmm, question for another time.

Worst Pick-up Lines Ever?

I live out in the boonies, so I’ve heard every horrible hillbilly pick-up line in the book. The worst aren’t even pick-up lines, they’re kind of Threat-mantic ( Please, tell me there are other Fairly Odd Parents fans out there? ) and they end up sounding far more like threats than invitations.

I think the worst I’ve ever heard is a tie between a guy who asked me on New Year’s Day when I was sick, exhausted and working register at a gas station if I’d like to help him break in a condom he’d just bought ( uh, no thanks ) and one I heard when I was 16. This guy named Buck who was in his 70s made a comment to me that he had a bag he’d like to put me in. Yeah, it’s fun out here, not scary or horrible at all! Everyone, come live in Buttcrack, Missouri and get thrown in a bag by Herbert the Pervert!

If you’ve heard a bad one, please let me know, I want to know I’m not alone! If you want a chuckle, check out Extreme Style by VO5’s Ultimate Flirting Championship game, it’s cool but I have yet to finish it ( will finish it at the library, faster connection – I’m on dail up right now, pew! ). It’s fun, though, I have yet to achieve Victory Hair! Think you can get yourself some Victory Hair? Well don’t just sit there, go test your flirting skills over at the Ultimate Flirting Championship already, and don’t hesitate to let me know how you did!

DNS Fixed and Fansite Design

Whoo doggies! Finally, dude, finally stupid, frigging, troublesome Shia LaBeouf Online is working again, I can see it and login and my scans are up ( of course now I want to buy more magazines, though my no money keeps me from doing so, lol. ).

We’re trying to get Poison Apples Designs up and running again and we’re making cheaper, more elaborate layouts to fuel our want of magazines to scan, DVDs to screencap and domain registrations/renewals as well as advertising. Basicaly we’re now making designs that are fully compatible with the new ads over at Fan-sites.org, so if you’re hosted there and you want a layout that behaves ( lol ) with the new ads, then you can either trade us original magazine scans, dvd screencaptures or pay us so we can run to ebay and blow it on magazines and you’ll get a fully coded layout out of it built specifically to work around the new celebbuzz ads. :)