Car For Me?

Ahh, car! Want! Me, please? Apparently Samantha’s car in the Sex and the City movie is the brand new, impressive and trendy The new Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class, the 5-passenger SUV that’s compact and just absolutely gorgeous! Mercedes-Benz has a sneak peak going on for these $43,000 cars that won’t be available until January 2009, which is kind of mean considering now I’ve got to wait – I hate that, lol.

Are You An Innie or an Audi?

I would love to trade in that piece of crap 1981 party van for a car that actually runs. That would be nice, lol. I love that van, honestly, but it’s hell to get parts for. Of course you can’t find anyone out here in the boonies that’ll sell you cars that run at all, in fact most of what I’ve seen ‘for sale’ has been totally junked to the point where it shouldn’t even be allowed on the street.

I was thinking of checking out because they’ve got a section where you can sell used car, and that may be worth a look if I’m ever able to afford one. They’ve got tons of neat info on the site including reviews of a lot of the newest cars, it’s definitely cool and worth a look even if it’s just to enter the enter the drive, rate and fly contest. Before I visited, I thought if I were to get the car of my dreams it would be a black 60s Dodge Desoto Sportman with fins ( oh yes, fins ) or if I were to really go out on a limb, meaning mention a car I could never have, it would be that experimental orange BS they used for Bumblebee in Transformers, lol. But since visiting this site I’ve decided my one true love is the 2008 Audi R8. I wonder if they come in hot pink?

Van Woes

Well, it’s official. The van is a piece of vintage, 1981 crap lol. Okay, I love that van, and if it ever, you know, went anyplace I’d love it even more. I kind of want an Audi, though, because I know I’ll never be able to afford that Air/Gas hybrid I saw on the History channel, but at least with an Audi I could check out the turbo charger’s over at, right? Great site, loads kind of slow but it’s worth it for the huge inventory! Technically you don’t need to own an Audi to buy from them, everything from Mitsubishi to BMW are covered, check it out!

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Rent Some Freedom

I’ve talked before about how there’s no public transportation here, period, and how there are also few sidewalks, narrow roads and horrible pavement. Well, for the longest time I thought car rental was out of the question until I found out that tries to keep their prices low no matter how far away you may live, plus right now they’re having a 50% discount on car rentals for luxury and convertable cars, as well as other specials and discounts, how cool is that?

Sal Paradise and Me

Ahh, you don’t even know how much I want to go RVing around like Mickey Mouse, lol. Well, granted his was a trailer, but still. Laota and I are always talking about how, if we could get an RV for a decent price, we’d probably live in it but most people, I’m sure, would look into buy an RV or Motorhome for vacationing. What we’re looking for are used RVs, something that maybe has a working bathroom, but that’s not a must. Just something we can afford that we can pack our few belongings into and drive off into the sunset. Or unrise. Or something, lol. We’ll likely check out for that kind of thing, just because I like how un-complicated it is.

Going West is a dream of ours. Laota was born in Orange County, California, and I was born up by the border in Washington state, so we’re not really used to the midwest. Plus my mom was a band promotion agent for a long time, so we lived in tour busses and wagon trains of cars, from one truckstop to the next, Stucky’s after Stucky’s, and I don’t think I ever got over that. I love being on the road, I’d live halfway between Los Angeles and Vegas if I could. Sal Paradise had the right idea.