Disney Whine

Every time I watch Who Framed Roger Rabbit I remember why I hate Disney so much. Don’t get me wrong WFRR is a great film even if it deviates from the book to a lousy extreme, but it was maybe the crowning achievement of the now defunct Touchstone in my opinion. Superbly drawn, beautiful animated, nostalgia abounds in that film and Industrial Light and Magic’s touch up of the animation gave it amazing realism and softness – they couldn’t do it that well today. Why? Because my beloved Disney sucks balls now.

I should kick Eisner in his fat, bureaucrat ass for this. He’s made Disney the Direct-To-Video-Sequel king and practically torn down Disneyland, Walt’s baby. With all the money they spent on California Adventure, don’t you think they could have repaired some of the rides and attractions in Disneyland or used that money to, you know, not have to jack up the price of a hamburger to eight hundred and fifty dollars, nine hundred if you want a napkin?

The quality is gone, their bread and butter is rehashing their classics into bullshit like Cinderella II and expecting us to shell out for half-assed CGI productions that they could have, should have, done with hand-drawn animation and now studios like Dreamworks and Sony are beating their asses with gorgeous hand-drawn work and some of the best CGI film you’ll ever want to see ( Surf’s Up, anyone? ). All the while Disney is trying, scrambling even, desperately to win back their audience with the long awaited Frog Princess – the first hand drawn Disney film since the low-budget, high gross labor of love and media darling Lilo and Stitch – this from the company that DISMANTLED their hand drawn animation department and started doing their animation outsourced to Asia and I think Australia. Now they have to eat a dick, because I’m pretty sure Frog Princess is being hand drawn right here in the U.S. by a Disney animation department. I hope they kicked Iger and his gargoyles out of the 7 Dwarves building. Why, again, do they need that extra office space?