Beloved Leader

It won’t kill you to get to know your fearless leader a bit. Just so you know, anything you drop while at is mine. It’s my Beloved Leader Bonus.


How the hell do you write something about yourself without looking self loathing or pretentious? I honestly don’t see the point, however, not to be out-done by other personal sites web-furnished by those I will one day hate, I’ve decided to start slowly writing out little nuggets of information about myself. You won’t find the where or how, Mr. Stalker Man, but you might find some interesting insights into the life of an oddly upbeat, strangely vain, even weirdly confidant, fat, pagan, bitch-snot. ( I’m only assuming, based on a random sampling of webmasters I’ve met over the years, that I’ll eventually hate you if you own a personal site. It’s nothing, well, personal. )

But this is no longer a personal site, and because this is no longer a personal site ( sans the occasional rant ), you can effectively stalk me at, my current personal domain and blog.