For Better Hallway Vision

Okay, I’m really, really tired of getting horrible migraines just from doing my job. I’ve got to stare at this computer screen for hours and hours on end, and it’s killing my head. My issue, I think, and what is giving me these horrible headaches is that my eyes are bad and I haven’t been able to buy a new pair ofeyeglasses, or even get my eyes checked for over 12 years because I’m poor, to be honest, and I can’t afford things that a lot of people take for granted.

My best bet is to try, I’m dead set on trying them out because you can get a pair of perscription glasses with stylish frames for as low as $8 per pair, plus they have a wide variety of lenses from single vision to tinted, progressive to bifocal and a lot more and they offer them at these rock bottom prices because they don’t spend all their money in advertising and they sell directly to you, no middle man. Find out what people are saying about them HERE. They can afford to offer such low prices because they manufacture their own frames instead of outsourcing to another company for that. It’s definately worth a look if, like me, you’re flat broke all the time!

Halloween Costumes

So, Jon and Don have maybe the best costumes this year that they’ve ever had – and I’m jealous! They’re double dating with their wives as Hank and Dean Venture from the Venture Brothers cartoon on Adult Swim. I so want something other than Sadako for my costume this year, but fat chance.

I’m so tired of living out in the boonies, where you can’t find a 7-11 or any Halloween Costume Stores to save your life – in fact, the closest mall is something like 140 miles away. It’s pretty much impossible to get a decent, quality Halloween costume which royally sucks because Halloween’s one of my favorite holidays.

I sort of want to try that link out, though, because until October 10, 2008 you get free shipping if you spend $60 or more at their store, plus if your costume’s wrong, doesn’t fit or you changed your mind they have a quick and easy returns policy.

I think I’m gonna go the cheap way this year and go as Sadako again, because I already have a white dress and black wig, but if I ever have the cash to buy a costume online then that’s definately where I’m going first!

A Hole In The World

I can’t believe I’m going to say this, in fact I may even deny it later because it’s horrifying to me, but I firmly and totally believe that Lindsay Lohan is right.

I was over at Lindsay Daily, trying to find the admin’s email, when I read THIS. I can’t believe it, Lindsay sounds so… level headed, lol. Now, I’m not a big fan of Lindsay – in fact, I don’t really pay much attention to her (she’s pretty, but there ain’t a lot to her, imo) but when someone’s right, you say so, even if you’d like to see them dropped into that hole full of coffins from Angel. Yes, I am a nerd.

It was some of the responses on the blog that caught me off guard, and here;s my two cents about the whole thing as commented on the post:

Uh, I’m sorry, I don’t remember the act of deluded Christian sin being something enforceable by a democratic government as an actual crime. If it were, it would be against the law to lie, talk back to your mother and wish you had your neighbor’s car. Granted, I generally don’t comment on fansites but this caught my eye and when I read through it I found myself agreeing with a lot of what Lindsay had to say.

Just because it’s in the bible, -and yes I know this is an unpopular opinion- doesn’t mean it’s right, either. This is the same book that was used to condemn ‘witches’, to justify black slavery, to steal land and kill off natives and even to condemn the Jews ( oh yeah, look it up ).

The bible is 2000 years old, even with the best intentions it was written before democracy, before women’s lib, when slavery was A-OK and women/children were the property of men. Just the notion that we can take anything more than implied wisdom from this book is ridiculous, but to each his own, the only issue I’ve got with it is that it’s used to force other people into a state of second class citizenship by taking away their rights, including the right to love, be with and marry whoever you choose. You can’t believe in true love and believe every word of the bible at the same time – it’s just not possible unless you’re really deluded. I’m in no way against the bible, I just think people should start using their noggins. If you believe in God, and believe your God is a loving deity, then judge not, dudes, he said it for a reason. See? He knew we couldn’t be trusted, lol.

To be honest, I don’t really follow Lindsay’s career or life, etc., but I have heard that she’s come out about dating a woman, and I think her fans if no one else should be supportive of her. Oh, and I agree with the statements about Palin – that woman scares the bejeesus out of me.

Honestly, shouldn’t this be common sense by now? I can’t be a ‘maverick’, here.

Let Dragon Work For You

Holy Loki, son of Odin, this is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long, long time! I’ve got issues reading because of my eyes, so I have a software that reads text files to me and because of that I’m familiar with reading software but I’ve never heard of a software that will actually type for you – until now! I can’t wait to be able to try out Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Preferred or Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Standardbecause with my arthritis being as bad as it is, I’d love to be able to say what I need to say and get my blog onto the page without having to kill my hands to do it. Basically, with Dragon all I’d have to do is talk – how cool is that?

If you have a minute and want to see for yourself, you can either check out the NY Times Review of DNS10 and find out what NY Times had to say about Dragon, or you can poke around in this blog post and check out my lovlies, aka the videos embedded here to help you out. Hopefully it will better illustrate what Dragon does, and how it can help you with your typing and blogging.

Personally, I’m excited over the concept of being able to type at up to 150 words per minute without errors and without hurting my hands and wrists and getting tired over something that should be simple and enjoyable, like blogging. In fact my joints were screwed up as bad as they are now by my constant typing over the course of 15 years, so this would be perfect for me!

Going Non Verbal

You know, I’ve seen other people try and give eachother a ‘look’ to hook a potential date, something sultry and sexy or perky and creepy, and I’ve found that the best way to get yourself some Victory Hair is to be in your own little world. Seriously, you’d be surprised how many times I’ve been hit on just doing my own thing, not even realizing that the guy or girl was around. I don’t know if it’s because I looked easy to confuse (lol) or because confidence is sexy, or because the women in my family are cursed with enormous juggs, but somehow I’ve never really had to be the one to initiate.

So, I’m no queen of the pick up line, and while I’ll never be the champ of the outrageously fun Ultimate Flirting Championship
Extreme Style by VO5 (seriously, you need to go play that game – make time, I’ll wait.), I’ve had my share of what can only politely be called romance, lol. Which is a feat in itself because, honestly, I’m not particularly good looking – or, you know, good looking at all – but I suppose there’s no accounting for taste? I guess there are more breast men in the world than I’d thought, lol.

The Misadventures of Flapmouse

So, mouse in the house. This is the issue I’ve got with living so close to a barn, we’ve never had mouse issues until we moved out here and now they’re friggin’ everywhere.

So, now I’ve got to go through the tried and true mouse catcher dance of glue traps and reeses peanut butter cups to get ahold of the bastard and get him out of the house. He’s so damn cute, and not stealthy at all, lol. He’s making a racket ever since he moved in this morning, and we keep seeing him because he doesn’t seem to realize that he should be afraid of people, lol. Just adorable, but he’s gotta go dude.

Parenting Tips

I don’t know how I managed to do it, but I got into a mini argument today about weither or not you should give your life up for your children. Now, while I’m all for being their for your kids and loving them, trying to raise them right, is it just me or will you resent your kids if you give up your life for them?

Let’s pretend you have the means to stay home, have no life or friends, and not work at all for a minute. This constitutes spoiling your kids and I can’t get behind that. Plus if you do end up resenting your kids, who have you helped? Not the kids, that’s for damn sure, and not your relationship with them, either. You could also easily throw away your home, marraige, self esteem and sanity doing this, it just doesn’t make any sense. Things like this have to be balanced, that’s all there is to it.

The person who told me about this said that it was idealism, and while I think to a point that’s true, I also think that maybe not having kids herself may be on the road to making her idealism unrealistic to an extreme. But I suppose we’re all guilty of that, and I do get where she’s going with the point – you should love and never neglect your children, but you do have to provide for them and for yourself, because you’re a person, too. If you’re not a happy mom, you won’t have happy kids.

High Speed Internet + Win A Laptop!

So, I need a new net connection, I just do. This one is slow as hell and, honestly, I don’t see the point in trying to work on a PC if it takes me 20 minutes almost to do something that should take me 4 or 5 minutes at maximum, do you? Why am I paying $55/mo for this crap? It’s supposed to be fast, uh, it’s not fast. It’s supposed to be stable, they had a stability guarantee, don’t ya know, but it’s unstable as hell and I can’t connect to something as simple as gmail half of the time and that’s just driving me *insane*.


I’m thinking of going with Charter High Speed, not only because of the prices and the promise of real High Speed Internet service, but also because of the possible free gas card, plus I could enter their Charter Laptop-a-Day Giveaway and win one of thirty free laptops ( New HP Compaq Presario C770US Notebook’s, actually ) with built in Wi-Fi and you get a laptop backpack from NEOtec with it if you win! Head on over to to check out their rules and enter their nifty giveaway, I don’t suppose you could possibly be sorry, especially since you are getting a gas gift card if you buy High Speed from them. I wonder if they’d set up out here in the boonies? I need to check that out…

Sally’s Song Revisited

Well, I’ve actually been turned on to a cover song that I actually like – and yes, this is from the same woman who swore she’d kill Joss Stone for covering “Fell In Love With A Girl” and plans to make good on that threat some day. But this song is different, this song is moody and gothy and very, very late 90s me. It sounds, for you Buffy fans, like something you might hear at The Bronze in season 2 – and what’s this song? It’s “Sally’s Song” from The Nightmare Before Christmas, expertly and heartbreakingly covered by the amazing Fiona Apple.

It inspires me, and I rarely get inspired by music these days, especially since most music consists of Disney Channel rejects claiming to have intact cherries and messy hair, when in reality neither of those things are real and/or intact. I miss the days before Avril was considered ‘punk’ and before Britney was a sparkle in Michael Eisner’s eye. Someone give me back my The Verve, please. The Cranberries, anyone? Nickel? Third Eye Blind? Cibo Matto? Anyone? You suck.

You had me at hello

Okay, I’ve talked at length about the ridiculously awesome Ultimate Flirting Championship brought to us by our lovely friends at Extreme Style by VO5, and I’m sure I will again because I got to play the game (finally!) and I’ve found out something about myself – I suck!

No, there will be no Victory Hair for Faith because Faith can’t lay on a pick up line to save her life, lmao. I think it’s because I was always super blunt about these things and I never really needed pick up lines – plus they’re kind of cheesy and I don’t forsee them working on anyone with half a brain.

For instance – what are the greatest smoothie lines in the history of Hollywood? Cheesy! “You had me at hello” might be the worst, but I think the absolute best smoothie line of them all was Mae West’s, “Why don’t you come up, sometime, and see me?” famously twisted into, “Come up and see me sometime.” by every Tom, Dick and Harry in the business.

Sure, Hollywood’s got in a few good jabs, like “Here’s lookin’ at you, Kid.”, “How do you say, I wish I were my brother?” ( both rattled off by the often under sung, still awfully sexy, late, great Humphrey Bogart ) and new classics like, “How about a little blow job for good luck?” ( Jay Derris – Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back ), or my favorite, “It’s just skin.” ( Faith Lehane – Buffy the Vampire Slayer ). So yes, a few good jabs. But do they really work? If they work on you, I pity you, although who’s to say if they’d work on me if Bogart were to say them? Hmm, question for another time.