Supernatural – Hmm?

Well, Steph’s gonna laugh all the way to the bank on this one, lol, but I watched an episode of Supernatural tonight and Dean and Sam are just adorable. Ugly as sin, but adorable. See, I’ve seen it before and it was worthless – and don’t get me wrong, the show’s not compelling, it doesn’t suck you in, and to be honest the premise is pure horseshit, but the dialog is hilarious. Go team!

So, now I’ve got to just fess up to this, I’ll likely be watching it from now on lol. “F” you Steph and Heather! F YOU IN YOUR V! I do deserve this, though, for getting Steph hooked on Asian horror lol.

Feeling Lousy

Argh, my back is killing me. My muscles, dude, just… argh. I haven’t slept in forever and ever, which means now I’m going crazy and all I wanna do is sleep lol, but I’ll be damned if I miss seeing Eagle Eye tonight – I’m ready to kill a few people for me missing The Dark Knight as it is. Glad I got to see it, but would have rather seen it in the theater here, you know? But let me tell you, it’s impossible to get $10 in cash and the theater here is so teeny tiny that they only accept cash, so it’s always a big situation just to go out to the movies.

The snacks cost too much, no fountain drinks, too many hillbillies, they always screw up the movie plus they give us, I shit you not, carnival style raffle tickets instead of actual film stubs, so it’s… kind of stupid to even call yourself a theater if you’re acting like a Mormon church social lol. Pot luck, anyone?

Holiday Cards

If you’re like me, even though Halloween is the next great big holiday that’s coming up, you’re also probably already looking into menus, gifts, decorations and cards for the major holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. and honestly I don’t see how the holiday season gets here faster every single year. It’s sneaking up on me!

But anyway, to my point, one of the nifty things you could send out this year is your very own, personal, customized holiday cards from

VistaPrint is one of my all time favorite websites. I’ve been going there for years, and they always have a huge selection and amazing variety of products for you to customize for your family, business, school or church. They go above and beyond to make their web store easy to use, this I know from personal experience, and they have FREE products now and then like rubber stamps, car magnets, calendars and business cards. It’s almost silly not to go and check them out, you could have your family sitting pretty on a customized Christmas card in no time – and without breaking the bank.

I think I’m going to get my New Years cards there, I’d love to do a few sketches, scan them and see if I can’t get some adorable cards out of them. :)

Selena Gomez – Who Are You?

Can somebody tell me something? Can somebody tell me why the hell people insist on asking Selena Gomez her opinion of every damn thing ever? Who cares what she thinks of Miley Freaking Cyrus or her older boyfriend, and why am I getting emailed by Us Magazine about it every fucking day? Hello? I did *not* sign up for that stupid mailing list, and I’ve tried thrice ( three times for those of you who don’t speak Faith, lol ) to get off the list but they’re not having any of it as it turns out.

Every other thing I ever hear is about that chick these days. Who the hell is she? Who’s Nick Jonas? Do you know, out of everyone they mention during all their rantings about her the only person’s name I recognize is Shia LaBeouf? Like, they’re trying to nail her on dating this Nick, and she’s doing it but she doesn’t want to admit it. How do I know? Because whenever they say “Nick Jonas” to her, she says “Shia LaBeouf” – every single time if you can believe the media. First off, who cares about her? She’s VERY pretty, I agree! But what does she even do? Sing? Act? Who the hell is she?

Secondly, and more importantly, if you ever want to find out if your friend likes some guy and she doesn’t want to admit it, ask her directly. If she says “You know who’s hot? That Dave from Pop Copy.” you’ve nailed her, lol. At least she’s talking about LaBeouf – anything to get him in the news I for something other than the pick up crash situation, eh?

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Deck Out Your Den

If you’ve never been to, then you’re just like I am, because I’d never been there until today but it is *so* nifty and cool. If you’ve ever thought about restaurant seating products, bar stools, chairs or tables for your home but I’ve got to point out that these are GORGEOUS and they’d make a great addition to a rec room or den, but I’m not sure if they sell to people who aren’t in the business?

The website is really easy to navigate, very easy on the eyes and they’ve got so many items that I’ll be honest, it made me wish I were in the money, lol. I almost want to open up a restaurant just to have an excuse to buy some of this stuff. Can’t afford it, but I want it! :)

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Argh, On Strike!

I’ve about had it with Orbit player and Real player and blah, blah, blah because I can try and try until I’m blue in the face but I can’t manage to download any video from any site with a rtmp server thingie. Or on an rtmp server thingie, which is annoying me because there are a few interviews I want to put on my laptop but I can’t save the files onto my desktop to do so, so basically I’m screwed, lol.

I was thinking of searching for a video downloader that supports rtmp servers but I’m too lazy and there aren’t many I’ve seen that work, even if they do charge an arm and a leg for their services. What a gip, dude, at least they could work, right? Especially for $30 and $40 bucks a pop for full activiation. I’m so gonna go on strike, lol.

Stupid Movie Goers!

Can someone please explain to me how Beverly Hills Chihuahua is the number one movie in America for the second week in a row? How is this possible? Or, I should say, how does this crap keep happening? I swear at the feet of Loki’s gym teacher that everyone in this stupid country has it in for decent films. I’m not entirely sure how the bimbos and rednecks can manage to keep going to see crap like this and Twilight, while simultaneously voting gems like Eagle Eye off the island?

Some of the best of the big budget movies of the last decade were panned by critics for no apparent reason, I think Eagle Eye is just the newest in a long line. The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise where every film was ripped to shreds, only to become the blue eyed child once the next sequel was released. Tim Burton’s re-adaption of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which was torn apart by fans of a shitty former adaption on the grounds that they’d seen the Gene Wilder version first. And, of course, the fun and very fitting Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull that has more fanboys bitching than Wesley Crusher.

I don’t get it. Why do people praise idiocy and utter tardation? Why do people ash can perfectly good, engaging and fun films in favor of pure crap? Why do we need 800 Highschool Musical movies? Someone, please, help me out here. :S

Single For The Holidays?

It’s the holidays again, and of course I’m missing The Boyfriend like crazypants. Granted, I always miss him what with him living on the coast and me being smack dab in the middle of the country, but around this time of year when fall’s heading into overtime and the prospect of Thanksgiving, Samhain and Solstice without him is looming I realize how much I depend on his presence, even if it’s only via phonecalls or emails.

I know more than a few people aren’t as lucky, I’ve found the man for me and so many will be going through the motions of the holidays without those calls, cards, emails and general closeness from afar that I’ll be privilaged with. And yes, we all know that nobody wants to try services like eharmony that charge you an arm and a leg for something that shouldn’t cost a dime. Seriously, why go with one of those expensive matchmaking sites when you can search for free over at I mean, some of the features they’ve got like coaching center? Safer dating tips? That’s genius, I’m here to tell you. Plus, did I mention how free it is? It’s FREE, right here in River City! With a capital F and that rhymes with … I don’t think anything rhymes with F, and that stands for FREE, lol.


Footlight Parade – Love it, Sorta.

One of the greatest films ever shown, has everyone and everything in it, including Jimmy Cagney. The movie is FOOTLIGHT PARADE, one of my all-time favorite movies. In fact, it’s such a favorite that I know most of it by heart – though I just rented the DVD and found out how much they really cut out of this film.

Apparently you can’t show blantant racism in the form of the ever popular “Blackface Number” on television anymore, which is a shame because we could all use a little retardation in our lives, lol. SO many films during the War were like this, one of the most infamous being Holiday Inn. I realize they weren’t meant that way, people thought it was witty and progressive. Charming, even. That’s some crazy crap, dude, Holiday Inn is seen as some big family film! I wonder what AAAABRAHAM would say about this?


Both Hands and a Flashlight, Anyone?

Okay, I find it insane how many established, respectable and professional film critics have reviewed Eagle Eye without having seen it. Usually they get a screener, but it seems like nobody on earth knows what this film is about, and I’ve read all sorts of weird things in reviews that make absolutely no sense – you would have had to have skipped the film to believe them.

Such as, you ask? Well, first of all Rachel’s not Jerry’s mom, so at least 2 critics are wrong. Also, Eagle Eye is *not* about vampires – wtf. That’s Twilight, people. Plus Shia LaBeouf’s character Jerry Shaw? *NOT* a teenager. What kicks my ass about this is that the reviewers in question have given Eagle Eye bad reviews and they’ve obviously never seen the film. TFU!