Out Of My Shell

As a way to get the word out about the awesome website BeOysterAware.com, a great place to learn about how to be safe and have fun while enjoying Gulf oysters, I’ve embedded a video in which I’m sharing my most embarassing moment and how it helped me come out of my “shell”, so to speak. :)

Rebate Time

As most of you already know, it’s the rebate time of year. You know that it’s tax return time, but I bet you didn’t know you could get a $15.00 web hosting rebate from ServerPronto. They’ve got more than decent hosting prices and packages, but if you want the ServerPronto Rebate you have to purchase a yearly or longer package – all you have to do is order from their site and then use their very easy to see registration form on the left hand side of the page, and voila! You’ll be notified via email and you get your rebate via check or paypal. Easy peasy!

Schwan’s Day!

Whoo, Schwan’s day! I love Schwan’s day. We almost never spend over ten dollars or so for our order at the door, but we always try and at least get something – this time we got about a gallon of ice cream. Half a gallon of snicker’s candy bar ice cream, and the other half gallon is confetti cake, which is white ice cream with frosting ribbons and chunks of white cake in it, plus it’s got ice cream sprinkles! Yay!

Win an Xbox 360!

I’ve never heard of the MAXXED Energy Pop, honestly, but I’m a big fan of all things soda pop, and let’s be honest about who could use more energy, lol.

You can check it out, actually, at MAXXED’s website where you can grab the MAXXED Energy Pop “Make My Energy Pop” widget for Facebook, your blog or MySpace or Enter To Win an Xbox 360!