Police Gear and Stellar Boots

Ooh, police gear website – with neat things for me to buy! Okay, okay, so I’m not so much into the BDU pants ( even if $15 IS a fabulous price ), but the shoes – the boots, to be more precise – are to die for!

I’ve always been a out of the closet combat boot fan, and I’m just an all around boot fanatic these days, and L.A. Police Gear’s got a great selection of Converse, and you know how I love Converse!

Book Em, Dano

Last night Laota and I sat down and talked for a very long time about our novels, both WIP’s, and the directions we’d like to go with them and we hashed out a lot of ideas together for both stories and now *trumpet fanfare* Irene has an ending!

It’s also got a lot of elements it didn’t have before, like the ghost’s M.O. and how it’s curse spreads without making it truly viral, which is nice because before it didn’t have an M.O. at all. So it’s starting to come together and starting to make some kind of sense, and now I can forsee not only the entire first six chapters but also the way in which the ghost is created and how the book finally ends – I’m hoping I’m a decent enough writer to do any kind of justice to this genre, though.

I’ve got a lot of hangups about writing, and while I’m a fair plot person I’ve never considered myself a writer and that likely has a lot to do with me being surrounded by great writers in my circle of friends. I’ve noticed that you’re either great (H.S. Thompson, Jack Kerouac), you suck (Kelly Nuba) or you suck but people tell you you’re great (Anne Rice, and that chick who wrote Twilight), and I don’t want to be the latter – though I can deal with sucking or greatness, or even great sucking, lol.

Find Your Look

Okay, Rabid Readers, you caught me – I’m a fashion nut. I’m no Fashionista, but I have my own style and I’ve been known to beat trends to the runway ( leg warmers, 80s fashion, plastic jewelry, suspenders, newsboy chic ) though I do tend to drop a look once it’s become trendy and adopt a new one that I don’t think will ever catch on – like my Japanese loose socks.

Currently, in fact, I’m a big fan of the maxi dress over mini dresses no matter what the current trends tell me, but if you’re looking to grab something trendy, cute and affordable – and more importantly, in your size(!) – you can find something you’ll adore at OhSoChicBoutique.

I’ve fallen in love with a lot of their clothes and, while the Trendy section doesn’t have a lot of variety ( which is sad because it’s my favorite section ), the rest of the website does and they’ve got some fabulous pieces. I’ve already found some things I want to buy, like the gorgeous duo tone Sweet Lady in black and white that comes in size 18/20 which is about where I am right now, and the red, vibrant Delish with it’s gorgeous detailing and cap sleeves that you know I love considering I’ve more than once rambled on about them, lol. And if you’re looking to save some bread, partake in OSCB’s Spring Event and save 15% on your order plus FREE SHIPPING if you use the promo code SPringFling at checkout.

Yaz or What?

A friend of mine just switched from Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo to Yaz about two months ago to see if it was any better ( the Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo heightened her PMS symptoms and gave her horrible stomach cramps ), well I talked to her last night and she commented on how she wished she’d never switched, because even with Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo’s problems it was never as bad as Yaz.

Apparently even though Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo had worsened her PMS, Yaz managed to CLINICALLY DEPRESS her! She lost her sex drive completely, is doubling over in pain half of the time and experiences PMS symptoms ALL MONTH LONG! I don’t know if it’s Yaz or her system that’s the problem, but I wanted to get the word out to ask about these side effects before taking either Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo or Yaz!

Wholesale Paradise

If you’re looking to start your own business – and if you’re a Mommy Blogger, Postie or a Sparkler, I’m sure you’ve thought about it! – one way of dong this is wholesale products. I’ve more than once dabbled in this field, mostly I’m a fan of drop shipping for use on eBay, but DollarDays.com doesn’t do drop shipping because their super low wholesale prices are based on bulk orders ( or that’s how I understand it, at least ).

I’m already in love with DollarDays, their site has a big selection and a lot of name brands like Curve cologne and other high quality merchandise like wholesale electronics, shoes, party supplies, and my favorite, wholesale chocolate! I think the design of the site could be a tad better, but it is very clean and easy to use and it does look professional and trustworthy, so all of that boils down to me talking myself out of buying bulk chocolate and eating it all in one sitting, lol.

Sponsored by DollarDays

Daily Freebie: Senseo Coffee Maker

Ooh, freebies time! I know you secretly want freebies, you just don’t want to admit it. And I wub you, so I’ll tell you about a $70 coffee system for $15 shipping and handelling ( seriously, you can buy a crappy coffee maker for that, but this one’s so much better ).

You get the single serve coffee maker, some coffee pods, a canister to keep them in and a ton of coupons for your friends and family to get themselves some cheap Senseo coffee makers – and it’s from Phillips and Sara Lee ( backed up by Verisign and Paypal ) so you have nothing to worry about.

Now, I’ve got a friend who’s gotten her coffee maker and it’s definately real, she only paid (via paypal) s+h for it, so if you’re looking to get something for practically nothing ( or for Mother’s Day, if you hurry! ) I’d check out the survey over at Share Senseo.com – nothing beats free!

Review: The ShowerBow

I *hated* my shower curtain, seriously. First of all, shower curtains do little to keep water inside your shower unless someone’s got some kind of magical shower curtain with a forcefield or something that I’ve never seen on the market. Secondly, shower curtains cling – to everything…to butt’s! Oh yes, shower curtains can’t *wait* to cling to your butt, your butt looks good to a shower curtain, and so you’ve got to push them out of the way and you inevitably end up pushing the bottom of the curtain out of the tub and negate the point of having a shower curtain to begin with.

On top of all that, a shower curtain ( even a spotless one ) is a breeding ground for bacteria, do you really want it up against your skin? Really?

Well, MoreShowerSpace.com has something called the ShowerBow, which is supposed to hold your shower curtain gently away from you to give you more space to stand without shower-curtain-on-butt, which is nice because I hate shower-curtain-on-butt, and it tucks back invisibly when you push your shower curtain aside. Actually, it’s more or less invisible the whole time, so you don’t get an unslightly plastic ma-jigger arching out from behind your shower curtain and making your bathroom look weird.

The whole thing looks cool to me, especially for those who still use shower curtains – I’ve upgraded to shower doors, which are equally as bad but at least they don’t cling to the butt!

Sponsored by ShowerBow

California Dreaming

Have you seen this? The kid’s name is, I think, Sungha Jung and he’s absolutely AMAZING! I questioned for a minute if he were really doing it or not, but it appears that he is – he needs to cut a demo and send it to me, lol.

I love this kind of music anyway, it’s just beautiful – to me this is soul music, it’s just got me, you know? Anyway, watch the video, lol. Prais the boy – and ty to Natalie for showing this to me!

Cheer On!

Movies_squad81_300x206cCompany 81 loves every guy I’ve ever known, and I’ll tell you why – Cheerleaders! I’m not a huge fan of their clothing ( it’s nice, but not my style ) since all of my friends and I are a weird, retro rockabilly weirdos, drag queens or goths ( yes, seriously ) but if you *are* into their clothes you can actually enter to win a brand new summer wardrobe which will be delivered to you by – oh yes – the Cheerleaders!You’ll know when you’ve been hit by this hot cheery bunch, how could you not? And if you’re bored you can send your friends a virtual cheer, how cool is that!?


Sponsored by Company 81

Free iPods? iPhones?

As I’m sure you can see, I’ve started collecting ‘freebies’ links on my sidebar *points to sidebar* because I thought it may be fun, and more importantly I love freebies. What I’ve done is I’ve gone around to every ‘freebie’ community I could find and found, specifically, all of the really stellar, very expensive ‘freebies’ with the following requirements.

Freebies Must:
1. Require 2 or less offers to be fullfilled, 1 is preferable.
2. Be from a company known far and wide for actually sending out freebies or paying their cash out. Proof was ALWAYS checked for, personally, by me.
3. Have the best, most expensive and high quality freebies available.
4. Last, but not least, have the easiest to complete offers.

I suggest going with the eMusic trial – it’s only 99 cents, you get 70 MP3’s ( which you get to keep ) and you pay nothing more if you cancel within a month! Then you just need your referrals, and if everyone who goes to your site is let in on the eMusic deal ( and how cheap it is ), imagine how many referrals you’ll get by passing on the eMusic tip!

Plus a few of these can bypass offers for surveys – oh yes, you can complete free surveys instead of singing up for sponsored offers, then all you need are referrals!

Scared of using your credit card? Rather use PayPal? Apply for the PayPal debit card, you can restrain it from using ANY back-up funding. The point of this is that, if you accidentally get scammed ( doubt you will, but better safe than sorry! ) you can take it up with PayPal and not have to worry about it, plus the scammer couldn’t take a dime out of your bank account or off of your credit card! You can also use PayPal’s virtual debit card, check out PayPal for details!