Car loan with guarantor – low interest rates – low installment

However, it is often the case that borrowers cannot take out a car loan without a guarantor. This situation arises when the credit requirement is not in line with personal creditworthiness. Futher reading at

The guarantor therefore benefits both sides – the lender and the borrower.

Most credit institutions approve a car loan with a guarantor without any problems and even at very low interest rates. Despite free credit selection – thanks to the guarantor – it is also worthwhile to consider alternatives.

The credit comparison shows you suitable car loans, with and without a guarantor. Apply for your desired loan right now – without any obligation.

Advantages – what does the guarantor bring?

Advantages - what does the guarantor bring?

A guarantor always represents additional security. Basically, its creditworthiness supports secure lending. Even if the borrower has a good credit rating, any loan is still a risk for the bank. Finally, it cannot be ruled out that solvency will change in the future.

With a good guarantor on the side of the borrower, on the other hand, the chances of the money coming back are doubled. In line with the additional loan security, practically every bank reduces the borrowing rate.

Car loan with guarantor – why?

Car loan with guarantor - why?

Auto loans are usually accompanied by relatively high loan amounts. In the case of new cars in particular, tens of thousands of USD are quickly requested. With such large loan amounts, which also have a long term, the banks always see a large risk of default. Therefore, they want comprehensive protection.

A surety can offer this protection. The bank almost automatically expects the vehicle letter and the transfer of ownership of the vehicle to secure the loan.

However, the vehicle only provides limited security. Because:

  • it doesn’t pay the installments
  • is worth less every day
  • can fail entirely as security in the event of an accident

Car loans are therefore often given in such a way that a guarantor is liable for the loan as a second person. The borrower benefits from being able to expect very good conditions from the banks.

Where can I get a car loan with a guarantor?

Where can I get a car loan with a guarantor?

Many car dealers offer a car loan with guarantors. Most banks in Germany do the same. The largest offer can be found at the banking houses. There are more than 2,000 of them, all of which are able to provide a loan.

With our loan calculator, the borrower is in a position to compare these offers quickly and without effort. The software also works “intelligently”. If she knows the individual facts, she automatically shows only the right loans. This saves time, disappointments and automatically leads to optimal financing.

At the same time, the comparison calculator makes it possible to directly compare car loans with and without guarantors. If the cost advantages with guarantors are only slight, applying for a loan without a second liability is worthwhile.

When would you prefer to be without a guarantor?

When would you prefer to be without a guarantor?

So far, there has only been talk of the advantages of a loan guarantee. The solvent guarantor improves credit opportunities when the bank sees problems. The bank is happy to grant the loan because the guarantor is liable. The borrower has advantages with the interest and gets his car loan with guarantors quickly.

But where are the advantages for the guarantor? Finally, he is fully liable for the loan. For this he neither gets a car nor thanks the bank on his knees for his selflessness. On the contrary, if he needs credit himself, his creditworthiness suffers from the guarantee.

If the borrower does not pay his installments, the bank will tighten the thumbscrews. The guarantor may have to put a lot of strain on his own household budget to prevent worse things from happening. There are no advantages for the guarantor, only disadvantages. It is therefore always advisable not to use this form of credit protection.

Carrying out the loan comparison once without and once with a guarantor shows which loan offers actually fit the situation. Helping each other to provide car loans with guarantors can be just as right as loans without guarantors.

Just to save a few USD is at least not worth getting a guarantor on board.

Choose between a car loan or the LOA Lease with Purchase Option

Auto loan or LOA 

Auto loan or LOA 

Classic depreciable auto loan or LOA ( Rental with Purchase Option ) which is a rental formula with the possibility of buying your own vehicle at the end of the lease if you wish. Which formula is the right solution to finance the purchase of your car? The answer is not so simple, it is necessary to make a simulation of financing in both cases because according to your case one of the two formulas may be more advantageous for you.

Net price of the vehicle $
duration month
TAEG (excluding insurance)   %
Rent LOA $ / month
Monthly installment of credit    
Cash surrender value LOA $

The car garage or a dealer, in any case a professional, will almost always propose both formulas. To see more clearly you can use this simulator and comparator of credit auto and LOA.

You must enter the price of the net vehicle ie the price of your car after deduct the different discounts. This amount corresponds to the one to be financed and to the one that will be on the lease.

The duration to be seized is the period over which you want to finance your car, a short term will increase the monthly payments but will reduce the final cost of your car and conversely a longer duration will allow you to face lower monthly payments but the The cost of financing will ultimately be higher.

The APR Rate or Global Annualized Rate The best auto credit rate you’ll find on our auto credit comparator by entering the amount, duration and age of your vehicle.

By running the calculation you will get two results:

By running the calculation you will get two results:

  • The rent of the LOA which represents the monthly payment to be paid each month. You must be vigilant here because additional amounts may appear in your contract as mandatory guarantees and other fees. You must add them to the amount obtained by our simulation.
  • The monthly installment of the car loan, which represents the monthly payment excluding borrower insurance (it is optional) to be paid every month in case you purchase a car loan. For information, please note that auto loan insurance is optional for auto credit, it is the law of the consumer code, but concerning the LOA the financing organization may impose additional insurance.

Then you have to add for the Lease Purchase Option the surrender value of the vehicle that you will have to pay after the last monthly lease in order to be able to own your own vehicle. This is not an obligation you can very well return the vehicle to the finance company and leave with a LOA on another new vehicle. If you do not have this amount you could also borrow the cash value but then the cost of your financing may be prohibitive, it must be taken into account.

To conclude and according to our credit and LOA simulations it appears that the classic car loan at the best rate remains the most advantageous solution if you ride normally, the opposite for a car that would make 100 000km per year the LOA is interesting because l wear of the car makes that you will be forced to change it at the end of the financing period, this is also the reason why type of formula is widely used by the professionals of the road in the form of leasing .

New car in 2018? Key points to keep in mind to cost you cheaper

Did you get tired of public transportation and decided that this year yes or yes you will become a car owner? It’s not the only one! There are many Colombians who have contemplated this as one of their goals for 2018.

That is why, if you are ready to make this purchase, being clear about how to choose the best financing is vital

That is why, if you are ready to make this purchase, being clear about how to choose the best financing is vital

Financing the purchase of your car on credit allows you to access the good without having to have all the money, just have the initial fee or down payment, and finance the rest at a reasonable interest rate and term. Not always the lowest quota and the longest term are the most convenient. Therefore, take these points into account to ensure you make the best possible choice:

1. The interest rate is not the only thing that counts 

credit loan

Although it is what is most looked at, you should also take into account the additional charges such as commissions, insurances that are included – in addition to the vehicle -, disbursement expenses, etc. It is best to compare the total cost of the credit, to find out if that financial entity suits you.

2. Review the options of the bank where you are a customer 

credit loan

If you are already a client of a financial institution, you may be offered some promotions or additional benefits if you decide to apply for credit with them. Find out and see if it suits you.

3. Take advantage of manufacturers promotions 

credit loan

To increase sales, the same brands offer offers ranging from discount bonuses, free fuel, maintenance, etc. Review the models that interest you and what they could offer you.

4. Choose the auto insurance of your choice 

Talk to the entity that will finance you to be the one who chooses the insurance, as this will allow you to choose an insurer that gives you more benefits and better coverage. Remember that it is your right to choose the option that suits you, so you cannot impose any particular insurer.

Remember that to compare interest rates and make sure you choose a loan with favorable conditions, the ideal is to compare all market alternatives. For that, you can use the Gellert auto loan comparator.

Attention! Diesel Cars Must Face An Increase In The Tax Rate!

If your car is diesel, it is time to start considering your retirement, as a new tax that will be levied on this class of vehicles threatens to destabilize your domestic economy every time you go to refuel. Not surprisingly, these vehicles are the most polluting of the market and that, our planet is a luxury that can no longer afford it.


Climate change is a very serious problem

Climate change

Thus, the Government of Spain has appointed a Committee of Experts to advise on what should be the strategy to follow in energy and climate issues.

Diesel is also blamed for the responsibility that almost half a million people die each year in Europe due to air pollution (more than 20,000 of them in Spain).

In view of the facts, it is urgent to get down to work. Thus, this group of experts has just published its first report from which the recommendation to decarbonize transport emanates. And how would it be carried out? Well, raising the tax rate applicable to diesel by 29% and gasoline by 10%. To this it is added that in general the VAT of fuels would be increased.  

It is estimated that this increase would mean ten euros more when refueling. What do you think? Of course, the thing does not end there because the gas consumed in homes would also suffer an increase of 6%.


Europe has been insisting on this rise for years but Spain has resisted taking the step so far


It is no secret that the European Commission has been putting pressure on Spain for years to end the low taxation of diesel and apply an increase in all environmental taxes.  

However, the Government turned a deaf ear to the recommendations given that an increase in energy taxation was considered to harm the economy, impair the disposable income of families and even hamper the competitiveness of Spanish companies.

Perhaps this belief was not misleading, since it is evident that the Spanish economy – until a year or even ago – has not been for many trots since certain sectors could resent the application of the tax measure. Specifically we talk about farmers or professional drivers (such as taxi drivers and the guild of carriers). All of them would be compensated for the costs they should incur during a period that allows them to make a competitive transition.


What does the agricultural sector say?

What does the agricultural sector say?

The truth is that the agricultural sector has already shouted in the sky and looks quite suspiciously at the possible increase. In this sense, according to the estimates of the Union of Farmers and Livestock Unions, this increase would mean an extra disbursement of 200 million euros more per year for the agricultural diesel required for the development of its task.

This organization also criticizes the double standards of the Government that invents a tax for the sun and then intends to launch a new increase in the tax rate: ‘You can not put taxes on the sun and then criticize that not enough energy is used clean. We are aware of environmental problems and we are the first to feel threatened by the progress of climate change and we will take advantage of any innovative tools that are available to us to contribute to combating it.

We must keep in mind that if things are not done well, the duck will end up paying the consumer because the prices of fresh products will become more expensive to cope with the rise.


And the carriers?

And the carriers?

Of course, carriers also show their dissatisfaction in this regard since, in their opinion, this measure could have a very negative effect on Spanish exports. Not surprisingly, our country – without going any further – exports a wide variety of fruits and vegetables to EU countries.

In short, diesel vehicles have the days counted since filling the tank will become an attack on the pocket. All this to convince drivers to abandon these cars and opt for others driven by clean energy such as electricity.

Of course, this measure is meaningless if it is not accompanied by the corresponding support for electric vehicles, such as a decrease in the electricity bill to encourage the use of the electric car. In addition, it is necessary to reduce the sale price of these vehicles and encourage their purchase with subsidies.


Is there already a decrease in sales of this class of vehicles?

Is there already a decrease in sales of this class of vehicles?

Traffic restrictions of the most polluting cars in cities like Madrid due to the alarming levels of pollution have made a dent in the sales of diesel cars. In fact, these have decreased by 6% during the first quarter of 2018.  

According to Anfac data, only 38.2% of the 110,474 cars acquired during this year in Spain run on diesel.


Are you going to need an online loan to buy an electric car?

Are you going to need an online loan to buy an electric car?

At this point you may be considering moving to the electric car so that all these tax problems do not affect you. If so, great. We recommend that you inform yourself about the Alternative Mobility Support Plan (Molvat).

The aforementioned plan provides an aid of 5,500 euros for the acquisition of this class of cars and 1,000 euros more if we install a charging point for the vehicle in question.

From our comparator of loans and online accounts we encourage you to take the step towards electric mobility, provided you are willing to do so. If not, we can also help you. Check out all our online credits.

SMS loan without interest

SMS credit is a type of loan that can be received via SMS or SMS and then works so that you first have to sign up with one of the non-bank lenders and send one cent to confirm your account and only then can you request sending a loan by SMS by sending a specific text to your number, which will then allow you to receive the loan.

You are able to get this type of credit virtually anywhere in the world where your mobile operator has coverage.

You are able to get this type of credit virtually anywhere in the world where your mobile operator has coverage.

SMS can be sent from literally anywhere in the world and using satellite phones can really do it from anywhere on this planet. And in this way, you can protect yourself from a variety of difficulties when you suddenly need money, but the account is empty and there is no one to whom the loan could be asked.

With no interest credit , you can get the first loan free of charge from one of the non-bank lenders, and these lenders make this opportunity to attract new customers to earn money in the future. An interest-free loan is essentially a type of loan where the lender offers such an opportunity to compete with other lenders and overshadow customers as all future loans will no longer be free. From the customer side, this is a very beneficial service and means that we can get up to 350 Euro loan for a period of one to 30 days without paying anything except this one cent needed to register with these lenders.

We also come to the interest-free SMS loan

We also come to the interest-free SMS loan

Which is a combination of both of these services, and it basically means that when applying for one of the creditor’s first loan, which is usually free of charge, you can get it by SMS from anywhere in Latvia. This option is very beneficial and even for those who do not need this credit at the moment to sign up and get that number and the format to use to apply for a loan.

If the application is successful, the money will be credited to your account and you can start using it right away.

If the application is successful, the money will be credited to your account and you can start using it right away.

But remember that it is responsible for borrowing, and the fact that this loan can be obtained free of charge does not mean that the lender will not be required to pay interest on its non-return. And even worse, it is usually the case that if the first loan is overdue, the customer has to pay a full credit charge, in addition to the penalty interest , if it had been taken over.

Bank deposits: what are they, how does their interest differ, how to save on them?

As it turns out, most Poles do not save money, usually it is related to the fact that most of us have a penchant for living at the moment, often this belief is also related to our ignorance of many beneficial and interesting banking products. As it turns out, there are those that allow us to get rich, they include, among others, bank deposits.

Very few Poles assume that money is better to save than to spend. Usually, each of us cares about what is today and not what will be tomorrow. As it turns out, even poorer nations are ahead of Poles in terms of saving. Before saving, we are primarily reluctant to do so. Products that allow us to save are available at your fingertips, and the most popular and attractive one is the deposit.


Fixed or variable interest rate

Fixed or variable interest rate

Floating interest deposits are not common on the Polish market. Their specification requires some understanding of the banking market, because customers definitely prefer a fixed rate deposit. It guarantees that the amount of interest charged will not change throughout the duration of the contract. From the beginning, the customer knows the nominal interest rate on the deposit throughout the deposit period. This solution will allow additional gains if inflation is low.

A deposit with a variable interest rate can both go down as well as up and it will not give us certain results. In this situation, there will be uncertainty about the final amount of profits. This solution may be attractive to us if, according to market forecasts, interest rates will rise. Currently, there are no such forecasts on the Polish banking market and therefore this moment is not the best time to open a deposit with a floating interest rate.


A bank deposit always pays off

A bank deposit always pays off

A bank deposit will always pay off, and this is better than not using any of the banking products. It is also definitely a better solution than keeping money in the proverbial sock, and even on a very low-interest settlement and savings account, which is still used by many Poles.

Consumer credit: what are sustainable hair removal devices worth at home?



It is the ultimate fantasy for those who fear wax: enduring hair removal! Pulsed lighting devices have come out of attractiveness salons. They are accessible towards the general public with rather reasonable prices which can be financed with credit.

These types of epilators allow painless locks eradication at home. But then perform they keep their guarantees and how much do these people cost?

What exactly is pulsed light?

What is pulsed light?

Created in specialized offices as well as for dermatologists, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology arrives right here.

The product delivers a luminous expensive which absorbs the melanin of the hair, which is after that disintegrated. The method is pain-free: a simple sensation of fast heat, since only the curly hair is heated, not your skin.

Is it efficient in the long term?

To work, this type of device must be used in the future. A decrease in hair growth is already observed after a couple of sessions.

The manufacturer Phillips, who creates the Lumea, reports a good 86% reduction in hair growth following the sixth session. Overall, you should combine this type of epilator along with office sessions with a skin doctor for optimal results.

Who is pulsed lighting for?

With respect to the nature of the technology, house hair removal devices function best on fair epidermis and dark hair. Therefore, it is not recommended to use it upon fine duvets or upon mixed or black epidermis.

Contact with the sun just after use is just not recommended. In addition , you should prevent pulsed light on tattoo designs and permanent makeup.

How much does long lasting hair removal cost?

How much does long-term hair removal cost?

You will find this type of epilator through 300 USD at several manufacturers. However , to take benefit of the best technology and a bigger area of ​​hair removal, sophisticated equipment is sold up to a lot more than 2, 000 USD.

The E-One epilators from E-Swan are usually for example offered from 1400 to 2300 USD: you may then obtain a reliable high-tech item.

Getting a consumer loan can therefore prove to be an ideal solution pertaining to obtaining the best equipment, to get long-term hair removal in your own home, in complete safety.

Find your customer loan at the best price, it’s easy and free! <

Save money on new tires for your car

There is no doubt that it costs a lot to have a car in Norway. I do not know if Norway is the most expensive country in the world to have a car, but it must be close to it.

Not only is it expensive to buy a car

money cash

It is also expensive to keep it going. It is now a long time since gasoline started to cost more than 10 kr liters. In addition to gasoline, you also need example. tires. This set of tires your car was born with is not enough – we need both summer and winter when the weather in Norway that we know of change part of the year.

Fortunately, there is money to be saved if you look after you before buying new tires. First and foremost, you can of course compare prices before buying new tires, so you are sure to get them the cheapest possible.

If you are against it

money cash

Then you can do much more than just compare prices. You can, for example. Try to see if you can find any parallel imported tires for a cheaper money. Of course, if you are the one who sets the rules for yourself, you can break these settings, but many are really motivated by this strategy. This turns such very serious and complex budget planning into an interesting game and makes it easier to achieve small goals.

Parallel imported tires are tires are cheaper because they are imported in a different way than normal. These tires are old tires are fitted a new tread.

Budget planning does not have to be something very difficult and unpleasant. It can be a very simple process if you do everything right and do not set yourself unrealistic goals and drastic restrictions that you cannot even meet. Just make budget planning personal and meaningful to your spending.