Lifelock In The News

Experian’s making news again by starting some crap with Lifelock, two class action lawsuits if I’m not mistaken, and the point of that is just because Experian’s losing money because Lifelock does just what it says it does. See, Lifelock places fraud alerts for the members who pay them $10 per month to protect the client’s identities, plus they opt you out of pre-approved junk mail. Well, this is ticking credit bureaus off, because when you get pre-approved junkmail it’s because the credit bureau actually sold your information! Forget about email junkmail, that’s a lot more serious, and you’re supposed to be able to trust the bureaus! Well, lifelock opts you out and the credit bureaus don’t like that because they lose money, plus they also end up spending money to set fraud alerts that are placed by Lifelock in your name. So how do they handle it? Law suits. Come on, man, these are the big boys – the credit bureaus! Shouldn’t they be behaving like adults? We trust ourselves to them, after all.

Fraud All Around Us

I’ve talked before, at length, about identity theft and fraud, and my little encounter with someone getting away with writing checks against my and Laota’s bank account, but I want to elaborate on something that’s happened to me recently. The person who’d been writing checks against our account printed the checks at a copy place like Kinkos, the signature was printed in type face and it wasn’t even signed with either of our names, but the guy got it cashed – 3 times – no questions asked. That’s how well your bank protects you, or any bank. However, a few days ago when I went to them to get my Google Adsense check cashed, they claimed to have never heard of Google before and implied that I’d forged the check. They wouldn’t cash it, in fact they told me I’m better off trying to endorse it to someone or just taking the loss. To this day I have no idea how anyone got ahold of my bank account information, and no one’s been of any help since the only place my bank account is listed is Paypal, so who found it?

I would have been so much better off if I’d have thought to visit Shop Shield® and sign up for their free service. I could’ve shopped online without worrying about someone getting my information, not even my login or bank account, because their data storage hardware is modeled after that of the Department of Defense security standards, and that’s a great big deal. I know you want to learn more, but I’m far from the right person to explain everything because I know I’ll get something wrong, so if you have a minute you should go check out and do some exploring, after all, free is the best price ever!

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Protect Yourself – Free?

I’ve never heard of a free service that offers what Shop Shield® offers, and I’ve been in the game for awhile. It’s in live beta test to get a few customers to sign up so they can test it’s usability, and what it basically does is keeps hackers from ever getting access to your information by keeping your credit card, password, email, etc. from ever making into a companies database. In fact, they guarantee that your info will be safe! That guarantee is taken so seriously, that they promise that they weill reimburse you for every single penny up to $10,000 above the coverage you may get from your bank or credit card company if something does happen and your info does get compromised.

In fact, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think that if you visit Shop Shield® and learn more about what they offer, you’ll likely sign up without thinking twice. They monitor every transaction on a federal-standard level, in fact the Depertment of Defense is the model they use for their own security standards, and if someone manages to take your money or identity while using their service they won’t charge you to make it right and that’s also guaranteed. They protect everything from credit card numbers and bank accounts, to your email and login information, and they’re doing it all for free. Yeah, I had to re-stress the free part, lol. If you’d like tolearn more, you can do so at their site. I definately recommend it if you’ve ever avoided shopping online out of fear for your money or identity.

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