Rent Some Freedom

I’ve talked before about how there’s no public transportation here, period, and how there are also few sidewalks, narrow roads and horrible pavement. Well, for the longest time I thought car rental was out of the question until I found out that tries to keep their prices low no matter how far away you may live, plus right now they’re having a 50% discount on car rentals for luxury and convertable cars, as well as other specials and discounts, how cool is that?

Grrr, Hungry.

So, the hotdog – meaning my hotdog – is long gone, and I don’t want sweets, so it looks like I’m in the market for some rice aka I’m going to be making some rice to nosh on.

I can’t wait til next Schwan’s day, Laota and I are going to go crazy and buy up a bunch of grilling meat for 4th of July this year, which is gonna rule since we miss festivities every damn time, thanks to my lovely mother. But yes, can’t wait because, as a treat, there will be ice cream. I decree it!

Never Lucky

Well, I’m in the midst of doing a major amount of website overhaul and wondering why I haven’t killed myself instead. Sometimes I don’t realize how many sites I actually run, and no it doesn’t include the 104 fanlistings ( thank the gods for Enthusiast! ), but everything needs updating, all the scripts need upgrades, and I just don’t have the time but when you’re talking script upgrades you have to *make* the time – hence my whining! Whine!

If I’m lucky I’ll be done with a lot of this stuff by mid-afternoon, but I’m never lucky so let’s not count on that, shall we? Lol.

Vacation Memories

I haven’t been on vacation in a super long time, mostly because of the fact that all of the money I’ve got goes right to feeding and clothing, and paying bills, etc., and I doubt I’ll go on another vacation anytime soon, but if I were there’s only one place I’d want to go, and that’s home to Los Angeles ( well, home is Anaheim, but we did live in L.A. for quite a long stretch ). The last time I was there was when my family decided to visit my sister Tina and her husband in their brand new house, and it was a blast even though we stayed in most of the time.

Of course, we hit the Southern California vacation spots: to Anaheim for Disneyland, Knotts and shopping – to San Diego for Sea World and the gorgeous Zoo, which was a highlight. Then we headed down to Tiajuana back when it was easy to leave the country for a bit just to party. But what made it memorable was it was one of the only vacations I’d ever taken where my stepsis and I had really bonded. We went out dancing ( swing dancing ), we went shopping, we just hung out, vegged and watched TV and did mini golf and all of the things that families are supposed to do but we never had in our family.

Before we left for home, we hit Vegas with Tine (without her fam) which we haven’t done in, well..ever. If you’re looking for insanely fun things to do in Las Vegas, you should definately consider the more ‘old skool’ casinos if you can find any, but if you can’t, then check out Madame Tussauds – their Jack Sparrow is scary realistic!

You can find out more about Madame Tussauds, Las Vegas and and discounted sightseeing tours over at Trusted Tours & Attractions, your source for online travel guides – actually, if you love free ( and I know you do ), you can sign up for their newsletter before June 30th of this year and you could enter to win a handheld GPS!

Free WordPress Themes

Do I hook you guys up, or do I hook you guys up? I know one of the biggest pains in the neck when you’re just starting out as a blogger just happens to be the look of your blog. At the beginning, not everyone can be as self-design-crazy as I am, and wordpress themes can be a headache you don’t need. Well, you’re in luck if you want a widget-ready wordpress design for you blog but you don’t have the time to make it, or the money to hire a designer – try Top WP Themes! They’ve got tons of styles to choose from that they obviously put a lot of time and effort into a product that you’re getting for free, and free is the best price ever!

Sal Paradise and Me

Ahh, you don’t even know how much I want to go RVing around like Mickey Mouse, lol. Well, granted his was a trailer, but still. Laota and I are always talking about how, if we could get an RV for a decent price, we’d probably live in it but most people, I’m sure, would look into buy an RV or Motorhome for vacationing. What we’re looking for are used RVs, something that maybe has a working bathroom, but that’s not a must. Just something we can afford that we can pack our few belongings into and drive off into the sunset. Or unrise. Or something, lol. We’ll likely check out for that kind of thing, just because I like how un-complicated it is.

Going West is a dream of ours. Laota was born in Orange County, California, and I was born up by the border in Washington state, so we’re not really used to the midwest. Plus my mom was a band promotion agent for a long time, so we lived in tour busses and wagon trains of cars, from one truckstop to the next, Stucky’s after Stucky’s, and I don’t think I ever got over that. I love being on the road, I’d live halfway between Los Angeles and Vegas if I could. Sal Paradise had the right idea.

Schwan’s Time!

Ugh, I’m so tired. I was up all night, in fact it’s been about 22 hours since I last slept which isn’t too bad for me but for some reason I feel like I’m about to drop like a sack of bricks ( hehe, sack of bricks ), but being up so late was worth it because it’s Schwan’s day today! The Schwan’s guy was just here, and we got some bratwurst, some ice cream, a few frozen cheeseburgers, some corn dogs and curly fries to take us through the rest of the month since the next Schwan’s day is the 30th.

Just in time for us to buy some steaks, brats and burgers for the Fourth of July, though, so yay! There will be a detailed review on Hanamachi Lights of all of the new stuff we’re just trying for the first time, so watch for that!


Holy smoking guns, do you know what I’ve got in store for everyone who wants to be right in the thick of a tiny bit of history? Of course you don’t, I haven’t gushed yet, lol. If you’re a boxing fan, and come on, dude, who isn’t a boxing fan? Well, you’re going to love this. As you probably know, if you are into boxing, MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada held De La Hoya and Mayweather on May, 2007 – a match in which Mayweather beat De La Hoya by split-second decision.

Well, it looks like we’re all going to get a second chance here because Oscar De La Hoya is vying to get Mayweather back in the ring in September for a rematch. Richard Schaefer, CEO of Golden Boy Promotions, said the fight is “almost finalized” for either the 13th or the 20th of September, and if you’re looking to get De La Hoya/Mayweather tickets for such a closely upcoming fight, now’s the time to do it. This is shaping up to be one of the big ones, how cool would it be if you could tell your kids and grandkids that you were there? I can’t be the only one rooting for Golden Boy?

Gossip Folks

Ugh, I’m so tired of trusting people then finding out down the road that I should have murdered them in their sleep, lol. I trusted a friend with information, in confidence ( and they knew it! ), and the first thing they do is blab it to just the wrongest person of all time. What gets me is that they aren’t even sorry, and because of this crap they may have severely hurt their own reputation because they can’t keep their mouth shut.

My Beauty Addiction

You know how some women collect hand bags, and some collect lipsticks? I collect skin care products. It’s a weakness, I know, and it’s an addiction, too. I love the scent of, say, Aveeno or Garnier, and Clinique is my God ( literally, lol ), but I’ve never used Remergent or SkinMedica, and apparently that’s what iDerma’s using to try and tempt me over to their wide range of skin care and anti-aging products. Mooisturizers. They have moisturizers! They know I want moisturizers! They even have sunscreen and mineral make up, plus selected brands that are recommended by dermatologists. How cool!