Mother’s Day – Yay?

Well, I’ve done it! I’ve made it almost to another Mother’s day with actual money to spend on my mom, which isn’t easy when you make $400/mo for 15 hour days! Laota and I got my mom a gorgeous diamond necklace and earrings set and a bath set with body sprays, we have yet to get a card, though! I’m not sure how we keep doing that, we somehow always wait until the very last second to get greeting cards no matter what the occasion because we suck and we’re uber forgetful, we even went out today to look at cards and forgot about it. We came home with Pepsi, instead, lmao.

Credit Card Reviews

As you know, when I’m not ranting about my life, this website is basically about freebies, free samples, free gifts, etc., but you can’t get everything for free, right? Right. And I’m sure you’ll eventually need to build your credit history at some point in your life, and that’s where comes in handy. If you’re going to do something this important, you want to start off on the right foot and know what you’re getting yourself into.

CreditCardsClub has taken it upon themselves to offer you credit card reviews to help you choose the card that’s right for you, and make that decision an informed one. If you’re looking for a card, I suggest giving them a try. :)

Fat People: Just TRY?

Holy crap! Some of the things people suggest to help ‘fat’ people become ‘normal’ are insane! I was talking to this chickie at the store today, and she made a comment about how all fat people have to do to be thin is to just get up off that couch and lay off the chips – as if it’s that easy!? Like everyone who’s overweight is just lazy and they eat too much, that’s all there is to it? That’s crazy-insane! What is wrong with this woman?

She even suggesed that people fix their cravings by doing things that are obviously dangerous, here are some of them – you’ll laugh and be scared at the same time!

Replace food cravings with:
Crushes, you can never have enough and they satisfy a sweet tooth! there’s nothing like obsessing over that certain someone!
Sponges. attack that dirty sink or kitchen floor and wipe your stress away!

I have to write them all down, they’re hilarious!

Fashion Goddesss: Kelly Osbourne

75x75You know who I love? I *love* Kelly Osbourne. I think she’s got a fantastic sense of personal style, she wears what she wants when she wants to wear it and she doesn’t let the Fashionistas ( Decoded: Fashionistas are people who stay on the cutting edge of fashion by doing what *everyone else* is doing then declaring it ‘in style’ ) tell her how she should dress, and she doesn’t care what you think. She always looks great and she’s got such attitude – to quote Molly Ringwald, “She’s got such great style.” – granted, she was talking about Madonna but Kelly’s as close right now as we’ll get to 80s Madonna other than Madonna herself.

I think I really admire Kelly’s sense of style because it’s nice to see someone in the public eye who seems to feel the way I do – that fashion is subjective and that, if it isn’t fun and doesn’t reflect who you are then it isn’t worth doing at all. You may as well walk through life in jeans and a tshirt if you’re going to follow the crowd!

If you’re a big fashion hound, and I know you are, you should check out the Dockers Commercial Contest over at – maybe even talk about Kelly or Madonna? Both of whom are major style icons, I don’t care who you are or where you come from, you just have to bow down to those two – they’ve just got ‘it’, don’t they? Anyway, Dockers contest is available to everyone ( read the TOS! ), and it sounds like a hoot and a half. Fashin + Contesnt always = good times, eh? I wish my digital camera were working so I could sign up, too!

Sponsored by Dockers

Review: One Missed Call (08)

Well, it’s official, the remake of One Missed Call was actually worse than I thought it would be. They added a…and then there was the…and he was a cop but…have you ever wanted to be able to shoot just the piece of your brain out that controls the memory of one single film? Spoilers Below

First of all, someone start punching that main chick – just, please. Punching. Because she was worthless through the entire thing, and where as I loved Yumi and wanted her to make it, this new chick actually made me root for the ghost! Yes, that’s right, I wanted them to get her and kill the shit out of her.

Plus, they promised me Azura Skye and she was only it in for, like, 10 minutes! Plus, there are so many inconsitancies between the films it makes the remake look like a 100 monkeys wrote it with their feet. Somehow Newmi ( which is what I call the main character, since she’s New Yumi ) happens to be everywhere the ghosts are – in places she wasn’t in the first film – poking her ass into the crime scenes and then, to convince us that she’s terrified, she begins acting like she just swallowed a bug. She went to the Meg Ryan School for Acting Good, or something. She makes Anne Hathaway look like Judy Denche in comparison. ( I know what you’re thinking, how can I possibly be Judy Denche when I’m so obviously Halle Barry – okay, I’m done, lol. )

On top of this, they added BS that didn’t need to be in there – like the multitude of ghosts out of nowhere. Just random smack-faced ghosts with dead, blue skin and meanacing faces just staring at you if you’ve gotten the call – and then it turns out that *fanfare* those ghosts are actually exact replicas of the little ghost girl’s toys! Plus, there’s nothing left of the original film to make this scary – they kept a very few things, and didn’t really think about what they were doing. This movie is SO bad, it gets a negative rating – three thumbs up my butt. Do yourself a favor, watch the original.

Dockers Contest

240x180Well, looks like there’s a new contest from the people over at Dockers, and I do love me a contest – especially a neat themed one like the Dockers Commercial Contest. Everyone who’s anyone is joining, meaning people from all walks of life are submitting videos about anything and everything, and basically I’ve just been having fun and wasting time there and surfing around through their neat-ness. If you’d like to check out what the video contenders are up to, it’s not hard to find your way around the site, really, but the load time about killed my browser. Worth it, though, some funny stuff!

I’ve really never been a big fan of Dockers. I don’t dislike the, but I’m not really part of the khaki crowd, but overall the brand is pretty cool and I hear their wicked strong for what are basically slacks. SO far the commercials are cool and funny, though, like this one that actually scared me because the page took forever to load so I started doing something else, then the sound came on LOUD and out of nowhere – I may have screamed a little bit, lol.

If you wan to enter the Dockers contest, all you have to do is sign up then upload your own original video. Easy peasy!

Sponsored by Dockers

Spark Up!

Well, it’s money time, as it turns out! SocialSpark’s been launched for a little while now, and I’ve been an active member since just before it’s launch, and I’ve got to say, overall I really like it.

The ability to make extra cash I like, and I’m in love with the idea of sponsorships, though they way they go about it is likely to scare off visitors and null the advertiser’s attempts to get new customers. I also like the social aspect, it’s like MySpace only it doesn’t suck and it’s full of people you have at least *something* in common with, which really sets it apart from other social networking friend sites – plus, the great majority of the time your friends are actually there and easy to identify. That, and did I mention that you can make money?

In addition to this being a social network, you get a fairly in depth personal profile, like This One. I chose Nick’s profile because he’s one of my closest, and most insane friends.

Overall it’s really got potential, and I’m happy to be part of it, but some things about it drag the experience down a bit. The slow load time of the pages for one – what good is a pretty site if, by the time you load the page, the opp you want isn’t open anymore? And the wait list in queues is exceptionally long, plus half the time when a reserved opp becomes available it’s in the middle of the night so by the time I get to it, it’s already gone.

But making money on the site is easy once you get used to how things work, and everyone’s very friendly and easy to get along with. The rating systems rule, and the sparks ( non-paid opps that just give you something creative to write about ) are always a lot of fun and easy to write about, plus you occasionally come across ideas, issues and services you wouldn’t have known about before.

This post is sponsored by my old friend PayPerPost.

Coding, Pew!

I’m seriously starting to hate coding. I’m trying my best to force web standards down my throat, but I keep screwing it up insead of getting any better! I’ve bought two ebooks on the subject that I can’t afford, and I’ve been spending my time reading about it and trying to put it into practice yet failing miserably, and sometimes I just want to say, “screw it!” – but being stubborn, I know I won’t, lol. I’ll just keep hacking away until it kills me.

The Pop Star Challenge

Like most of you, I’d never heard of Alisa Apps until this week, but I just got a chance to take the Pop Star Challenge and compare Alisa to Rihanna. Okay, well, I just really don’t like Alisa – sorry! I like that the song has an 80s feel to it, and I think she’s got a nice voice, but she comes off in her video as a typical Ashlee Simpson-type, and I’m really not a big fan of the video or song in general.
I don’t get the appeal of this kind of artist, or the shallow, sex-over-substance music they produce.

I’ll give you that she’s very pretty and I have to admit she is talented, she’s got a decent voice and a lot of confidence in front of the camera, but I’m not sure if that’s such a good thing in this case because she spends half of the video pouting and almost seems like she’s using a pouty voice to sing with, too. It’s getting on my nerves, lol.

The song, overall, I don’t like but I think if they 80s it up a little bit it would actually be really good – it does sound like it came from the Brill building, though.

On the other hand, Rihanna’s video is a bit more polished and only half as annoying, though I’m not a big Rihanna fan myself and if I were to choose between the two as to who ‘wins’, I’d have to admit I couldn’t do it. I don’t mean this to sound harsh, but I’m very picky when it comes to music and I’m sure the challenger’s want the truth, after all. I think both girls are talented, but I’m annoyed that people now judge music on how good you look instead of what it really sounds like. Give me The Strokes any day!

If you’d like to take the challenge, Go For It, and please let me know who you vote for, I’d love to see what verdict you come to!

Sponsored by Alisa Apps

Rawr, Stomach!

Ugh, I’m under too much stress and my stomach is *killing* me. I’ve got about the worst ucler and reflux problem I’ve had in a long time, and I think it’s due to my constantly being queasy and tossing my cookies so much ( god that’s painful ). I wish I could see a doctor or something to find out what’s wrong with me, but what would I pay him, snarky jokes?

It annoys me because I’ve got friends who are such babies that they go to the ER for *everything*, but my leg could be falling off and I’d just have to accept it and move on, you know? I swear to Odin, some people are so spoiled it’s not even funny.