LG Chocolate and iPod Touch Promotions

As you’ve likely noticed, Beautiful Sin is becoming a full-time freebie site of sorts, meaning I still rant here but the freebies section has grown as well as freebies like free iPods, iPhones, MacBooks and Shoes – well, I’ve also started giving out incentives for anyone who signs up under me and completes an offer on every freebie I’m working towards that involves paypal cash – if you contact me first, tell me which of my freebies you’re interested in I’ll tell you if I’m going for the cash and I’ll be happy to pay you $5 to complete an offer, like the 99 cent trial for eMusic!

For freebies that I’m NOT going out for cash on, though, I’ll be happy to pimp your link up on my Exposure list and even sign up under you and complete an offer for a freebie site provided I haven’t signed up yet, and it’s legit ( and yes I will be checking! ) and not a scam.

There’s a great freebie promo right now, though – just 1 credit to complete, and only ONE referral if that referral signs up in April! You still have a few days to get your Free LG Chocolate Phone or your brand new iPod Touch for only ONE REFERRAL! Please send me your links if you sign up so that I can put you up on my Exposure List! If you’d like to trade referrals ( only those who’ll trade a completed offer for a completed offer! ) also email me and let me know!

Freebie News: Free Greens!

For a limited time, for those of you in the Freebie trade, iFreeCash is giving away free greens! That means free, fully green referrals for those who join up – and many of their freebies only require 1 referral, so you’d get that out of the way!

Remember, these free ‘greens’ are not going to be around forever – in fact, I’d consider them almost gone since I’m new to the scene and *I* just found out about them! Freebies include Free Video Games, Free Cash andFree Laptops!

Home Music School

I’m a big music lover – and I’d love to be able to play guitar better than I can at the moment, and maybe sing a little, but I just can’t afford it and, to be honest, I don’t know when I’d have the time to deal with someone else’s schedual considering I’m up for three days at a time then out like a light for 12 hours.

Something that sound promising is Amadeus Home Music School. I’ve never in my life heard of music home school, but apparently it was founded by actual music teachers and is a lot less expensive than average music lessons. Might be worth a try!

Freebie News: Free Greens at iFreeCash

I’ve had a whopping amount of emails since I posted about iFreeCash’s free greens – and I want to clarify some things.

First of all, a green is a completed sponsor – not a referral, my bad! Secondly, you sign up at one of these freebie sites: Free Video Games, Free Cash and Free Laptops – and open a support ticket with the following info:

title: A4F free green
text: Please credit me for a free green if they’re still available, thank you!

Support should credit you within the day ( mine was within 1 hour! ), after that you just need referrals, and I’m sure when they find out about the free green you won’t have to worry about that! Plus they’re ‘forever green’, which means you only have to green 1 time ( which is covered if you get the free green ) and then with extra referrals you can cash out as many times as you like without having to complete new offers. Awesome!

Power Up!

Blogger_embedOkay, granted I don’t really love the idea of getting an Xbox 360, and I’ll tell you why. Because I’ve been so poor for so long that I’ve never even used a playstation – the last game station I used was a Nintendo 85 edition, and no I’m not kidding! I wouldn’t know what to do with an Xbox, so I’m afraid of them, I admit it! Lol.

But, I love the idea of a $100 gift certificate and 12pack of MAXXED energy pops, though, because I’m a soda fanatic and, as it turns out, a money fanatic, too, lol. On top of that I’ve been so tired and sluggish lately, the sheer amount of time I work a day has drained the life out of me, and I’d love to see if MAXXED really works and lives up to it’s name, and if I get to grab some free swag on top of that then all the better! Seriously, who doesn’t love free stuff?

If you’re interested in winning the Xbox 360 Elite Bundle even if you don’t have a blog to post it on, check out the MAXXED Keep Going Sweepstakes by clicking on my Energy Meter and giving me some much needed ‘energy’ to keep going in the sweepstakes!

Sponsored by MAXXED Energy Pops

Pagans are Better? Whoo hoo!

I just read something utterly hilarious on the National Catholic Register ( now with even MORE misinformation! ), and I just can’t keep it to myself. You’re going to love this!

Apparently Christians – the #1 “We Hate _______” religion on the freaking planet – the religion responsible for modern slavery, huge death tolls, and several wars hiding behind the label of ‘crusades’ – are the sole foundation for the notion that people are in any way equal! This is a direct quote from the site:

“Pagans came by this notion honestly, because the whole conception of human beings as “equal” owes its entire existence to the Judeo-Christian tradition and absolutely nothing else. It is pure mysticism based solely and exclusively on Genesis and related biblical texts.

Pagans, having no access to this revelation, tended to concur with Aristotle that some people were “natural slaves” and “talking plows” since it is manifestly obvious that people are not equal in terms of intelligence, musical aptitude, facility with languages, strength, speed, mathematical abilities and a million other factors.

Alone in pagan antiquity was the Christian claim that God is no respecter of persons, and that all were equally beloved by him who gave his only Son to save all, right down to the most wretched and seemingly insignificant sinner. “

FIRST of all, there’s no such thing as Judeo-Christian, okay? You guys killed an assload of Jews and then, when you realized they were winning religiously, you decided if you can’t beat em, join em. Second of all Paganism is the root of all of the major sciences before the middle ages, and Christianity taking over plunged us all into the dark ages with no running water, no real hospitals, no shaved armpits – well, you get the picture. All that and the lovely notion that the world was inside a big sphere with stars drawn on it – likely in crayon – because God’s some kind of cheap magician who sucks at close up magic.

Third, and my favorite, “God is no respecter of persons” has nothing to do with him loving you, dolt. No god has any respect for you – can’t you read?

At any rate, no, you guys didn’t invent equality – you’d love to think you’re responsible for everything and anything decent or good, but you can eat a candybar out of my ass because we both know it’s not true.

Formaspace Furniture

Okay, so I love Formaspace. I’m surfing around their site and I know already that I want a brand new chair to sit in front of my computer, even though I know that a workbench might be too much chair for me – I still want it, though, lol. They specialize in technical furniture and services, plus custom stuff that’s practical and comfy to boot.

America’s Worst Mom

You may have heard about this already, but New York Sun columnist and author of the blog Free Range Kids, Lenore Skenazy, is definately America’s Worst Mom.

In the newsweek article it explains how, after admitting to letting her 8 year old son ride the subway by himself, Skenazy was labelled a horrible mother with no concern for her child’s safety by the psychopath’s that bandage scraped knees with horse hair suchors and do more damage to their children by keeping them under lock and key than riding the subway to and from the store could in a dozen years. What this article calls “Helicopter” Parenting.

It *has* to be her, because it can’t be my saint of a mother – nevermind her constant severe physical, verbal and emotional abuse. Nevermind that my mother also stood by and watched her husband beat my sister and I bloody for over a decade, that she took my youth and used us as work horses while denying us basic human rights like bathing. No, my mother was amazing and Lenore Skenazy is horrible – because my mother kept a close eye on me. She never let Laota or I out of her sight, we weren’t even allowed to answer the phone or door! How DARE Skenazy abuse her child by letting him ride the subway!?

There’s this feeling among adults that every time their child goes out to ride their bike they’ll be abducted and never seen again, and while I understand wanting to keep your child safe, keeping them dependant on you is going to make for a very unhappy childhood and a harder switchover to an independant adult life.

The case was made that when the baby boomer generation were young, they appreciated a certain level of trust and indepenedance from their parents, and were trusted with running errands, taking public transportation, going to the store, etc. and that moder kids are coddled and should be allowed more freedom. Now, while I agree with that, I do have an issue to point out – exhibit A, from Newsweek:

So why are some parents so nervous about letting their children out of their sight? Are cities and towns less safe and kids more vulnerable to crimes like child abduction and sexual abuse than they were in previous generations?

Not exactly. New York City, for instance, is safer than it’s ever been; it’s ranked 136th in crime among all American cities. Nationwide, stranger abductions are extremely rare; there’s a one-in-a-million chance a child will be taken by a stranger, according to the Justice Department. And 90 percent of sexual abuse cases are committed by someone the child knows. Mortality rates from all causes, including disease and accidents, for American children are lower now than they were 25 years ago. According to Child Trends, a nonprofit, nonpartisan research group, between 1980 and 2003 death rates dropped by 44 percent for children ages five to 14 and 32 percent for teens aged 15 to 19.

Now, I’ve been known far and wide for my general dislike of the Baby Boomer generation – it could be said that they had social change in the palm of their hand and pissed it away on drugs and disco, then turncoated in the 70s and 80s with the vintage Yuppie movement which bypassed my generation and is now landing on the faces of Generation Z. And it could be said that the Aquarians and their contemporaries were either too conservative or too liberal with no in between balance, and that they screwed up America for everyone who came before them by kicking sand in the eyes of tradition and screwed it up for everyone who came after them by creating a country based on consumerism that’s now destroying the planet and every last corner of the arts, but there is one good thing I can say about them – I think Lenore, while I agree with what she’s doing, is dead wrong.

Yes, children should have more freedom, I’m 100% behind that. And I don’t see anything wrong with her son having a level of independance – it’s great! But if you think about it, maybe all of this coddling from the baby boomers is the reason things are safer now, the reason that death rates have dropped, the reason that abductions have decreased – maybe all of that Helicopter Parenting’s kept those kids out of harm’s way. Something’s changed, that’s for damn sure.

Police Gear and Stellar Boots

Ooh, police gear website – with neat things for me to buy! Okay, okay, so I’m not so much into the BDU pants ( even if $15 IS a fabulous price ), but the shoes – the boots, to be more precise – are to die for!

I’ve always been a out of the closet combat boot fan, and I’m just an all around boot fanatic these days, and L.A. Police Gear’s got a great selection of Converse, and you know how I love Converse!

Book Em, Dano

Last night Laota and I sat down and talked for a very long time about our novels, both WIP’s, and the directions we’d like to go with them and we hashed out a lot of ideas together for both stories and now *trumpet fanfare* Irene has an ending!

It’s also got a lot of elements it didn’t have before, like the ghost’s M.O. and how it’s curse spreads without making it truly viral, which is nice because before it didn’t have an M.O. at all. So it’s starting to come together and starting to make some kind of sense, and now I can forsee not only the entire first six chapters but also the way in which the ghost is created and how the book finally ends – I’m hoping I’m a decent enough writer to do any kind of justice to this genre, though.

I’ve got a lot of hangups about writing, and while I’m a fair plot person I’ve never considered myself a writer and that likely has a lot to do with me being surrounded by great writers in my circle of friends. I’ve noticed that you’re either great (H.S. Thompson, Jack Kerouac), you suck (Kelly Nuba) or you suck but people tell you you’re great (Anne Rice, and that chick who wrote Twilight), and I don’t want to be the latter – though I can deal with sucking or greatness, or even great sucking, lol.